Shinzui Summer 2 - 024

And yet another edit of mine I did with Nemui. We picked this story out the Toranoana Anthology, Shinzui Summer Vol. 2. It’s another one of my favorite artists, Ichitaka (aka. Crazy9 for doujin work). The way he draws his girls makes them look like they’d be really soft if you touched them… anywhere. He gives them big breasts and big asses and I love him for that.

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Here we have a Touhou doujin featuring Izayoi Sakuya and Yakumo Yukari (and a little bit of Remilia Scarlet). Clanc of Team Vanilla. I’ve done quite a few Touhou doujins for LWB/Team Vanilla, so if you’re a fan of Touhou, whether it be happy sex or otherwise (the LWB side), then you can go to those places and find more.

In any case, so Yukari’s come to pay a visit to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but not to see Remilia. She has business with the resident head maid, Sakuya. Yukari, using her broken ability, gets down to some stealth teasing with Sakuya as her target. Then shortly after Sakuya runs out after the stealth teasing session, they meet again for some sex. This time, Yukari uses her ability to turn herself into a Futanari. She uses it again to summon more dicks (people) to fuck Sakuya, then she uses it one more time which ends up bringing Remilia into the middle of the group session, and they all get fucked. Quite a convenient ability this Yukari has, especially when it has no defined limits, don’t you think?

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Here’s another edit of mine that I did with Nemui. It’s by one of my current favorite artists, Jun (aka. Rojiura Jack for doujin work). I recommend checking out more of his works if you haven’t already. Yoroshii’s done quite a bit of stuff by him. And I’ve gotten word that Jun’s first tankoubon is due out come the end of October. I will personally be looking forward to that one.

In this short one-shot, we have Nakaoka Akira who’s studying to become a lawyer. After reaching his limit, he goes to grab a beer only to find out that he’s run out, so he puts out to call to have some delivered. Who comes to deliver the beer is Mikawa Akemi. After putting in more orders over time, they get to know each other. And on one particular day, she comes to have some beer with him and they get a little drunk. She lays herself down to sleep off the booze, but teases Akira just before doing so. Of course, with the booze coursing through his system and her sexy body laying right before his eyes, he can’t control himself. So Akemi gets a good ol’ hentai raping for her troubles. Also, Akira does something to her that I hear is potentially dangerous in real life.



Here’s the repost of the Maid no Mitsuko-san/Tatoeba Haha Ga crossover. For one reason or another, Mitsuko has ended up somewhere far away from home. Alone and without enough money to get back home, she begins to cry. But then Miharu happens upon her and asks Mitsuko to come stay with her and Masaki for the night. She thankfully accepts which means she unintentionally gets a peek at what Miharu and Masaki do with each other at night…



And here’s the last currently translated volume of the Package Meat series. Cattleya, in slut mode, has sex with an older guy, but when his wife comes home, he leaves her for the moment. Then, the boy who was watching her have sex and masturbating comes in and begins fucking her, then sticks it in her ass. Seems Cattleya’s fully embracing the slut lifestyle.

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Now reposting the fifth part of the Package Meat series done by Nemui. If you remember, the third and fourth parts were done by Brolen (Get them here). In any case, more Cattleya being a slut. This time she meets the old man again to give him what will be his last fuck on earth. Then later, Cattleya gets down to some group sex with some boys just after attending the old man’s funeral. Slutty Cattleya indeed.



Following up the C80 Fukuyama-san 3 release (scroll down a bit if you missed it somehow), Team Vanilla and I bring you Fuetakishi’s C79 Fukuyama-san 2 doujin. Gurumao provided the translations once again, so big thanks to him for that. And for inquiring minds, the second C80 Fukuyama-san 3 doujin is in the works. The second C79 doujin will most likely come some time after that. Yup, we’re definitely working out of order, but that’s okay. At least you know they’re coming, right? In any case, enjoy some Maid Fukuyama-san.

So we go back in time a little bit with this one (cuz we’re working out of order). Before Fukuyama-san put on that awesome swimsuit in the C80 doujin, she put on a Maid uniform. And her and Suzuki-kun had some fun… Lots of fun. In the presence of others even. Also, Fukuyama-san uses some “Lolwut?” logic in this. You’ll know it when you see it.

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Here we go with reposting of a series a lot of people seem to like, Shiawase Pudding Dou’s Package Meat series featuring the mature and really busty Cattleya. In this first part of the series, we find out she’s in need of money to pay back a loan, hence why she runs her store. Some guys have a proposal for her to earn more money on the side. That is, to whore herself out. After some “convincing”, she agrees to it, then eventually ends up servicing a group of shotas with her huge breasts and then some.