How about some cheerleader wives?

After a long, long, unintended long hiatus, with the help of Yoroshii, here’s chapter 6 of Futariyome. Sorry about the long wait, but as you know, this was one of the projects that Nemui left behind when he disappeared. Once again, Yoroshii stepped in to finish this manga with me. Thanks a lot to him.

Frankly, it’s this chapter and the 3 to come that made me want to do this book. Nothing like some wife cheerleaders… Yes indeed. Oh, and it is cheating, but that’s not the point. Just a lucky guy getting a chance to do a wife dressed as a cheerleader.

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Nice looking cover, isn’t it? I think I’ll like this manga ^_^

Didn’t think I’d be back with another release so soon, but here it is. This is the start of a new manga that I’ll be doing with Yoroshii. Of course, with me doing the editing and Yoroshii doing the translating. Judging by what it says on the cover, this seems to be Nukunuku Orange’s first tankoubon, and after a quick skim through the book, I think I’ll thoroughly enjoy working on it. From first glance, there’s lots and lots of anal sex, so if you’re into that (like I am), you’ll enjoy it quite a bit.

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School Swimsuit + Big Tits? Works for me.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Something by Red-Rum because, personally, I like his drawing style a lot. Healthy looking girls with big breasts. I sure do like it when an artist draws girls with a little extra meat on their bones. Makes them look soft to the touch… I like that.

In any case, this was an H-manga that Nemui and I had set out to finish a long time ago, but he was only able to get me two chapters before disappearing. I was sad… But enough of that for now. Here’s chapter 5 translated by Nemui. Chapter 1-4 (a Futanari story) were done by SaHa a long, long time ago. So you can go there to pick them up. Or wait until the whole book is finished and get the batch from me. It’s all win for you guys no matter what you choose. Also of note is that Yoroshii has stepped in to cover the last 2 chapters for me (bless that man’s heart T_T), so this will get done in due time.

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Oh Dear, it’s Sailor Venus.

Here’s Black Dog’s latest doujin from C80, translated by watisit over on the E-Hentai forum. I just volunteered to do the editing. And much work it was on my part… Lots of text per page times 52 pages to work through = 2 weeks gone. Probably shouldn’t have taken me that long, but it did. I need something easy to edit now lol. I’ve got plenty to choose from. My apologies to Biribiri and Yoroshii. I shall focus now T_T

In any case, it’s been awhile since the last time I read one of Black Dog’s Sailor Moon doujins, and you know what? You’ve read one, you’ve read all of his doujins. The guy sticks to doing what he likes the most, having the Sailor Scouts ravished by tentacles, youma, and/or middle-aged men. A lot of the time, that occurs on a train. Well, we have tentacles and middle-aged men in this one, but no trains. Just a cave of some sort. Anyway, you all know the drill if you’ve read a Black Dog doujin before.

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It’s a TRAP!!!

The traditional kind of trap. That is, not the surprise Shota kind that’s so prevalent nowadays (not to say I have a problem with that genre, but I do hate it when I didn’t see it coming ^_^). In any case, here’s the sixth chapter of Nikuyoku Analyze after a long break. Do forgive me for that. I got sidetracked by a lot of things before getting back to this (IRL stuff and editing other stuff). And even then, this is just a re-edit, so a lot of people will probably recognize this chapter. This was translated a long time ago by a guy by the name of Blain007. I just took his translation and slapped it on the tank scans. Of course, I fixed some mistakes here and there, but it’s still largely the same translation, just with my editing/typesetting style now.

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