Here’s another chapter of Sakazaki Freddie’s Niku☆Jiru book. It just so happens to be the second to last chapter of the book as well. Just like for Chapter 10, the translator was Wrathkal of Little White Butterflies. The previous 9 chapters can be found by Clicking Here. You can grab chapter 10 from there or below as well if you missed it before.

Anyway, this’ll be my last release for 2011. Geez, I pushed out quite a bit to end the year, didn’t I? Now there’s a brand new year awaiting us. 2012 should be a good year for myself with it being the Year of the Dragon and all. Things to look forward to in the New Year? Well, I’ll be finishing off Nikuyoku Analyze for one. Sorry for those who were waiting on that, but I shelved it to get these most recent releases out. Along with that, there’s a few things I’m planning to do magazine-to-tank scan re-edits for. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to let those who might be curious know that one of those is TakayaKi’s (not so) recently released Koitto Kinenbi tankoubon. That should make some people happy. I’ll also be looking to restart a couple more of Nemui’s left over projects too. So I’ve got things to do, it’s just planning out what to do first. Plenty of stuff to look forward to.

Oh, and C81’s happening right now and I’ll be helping out with editing over on LWB, so C81 doujins are likely to be among the first releases for this site in 2012. Yup, plenty to look forward to. Well then, see you all then. Description for this release and DL Links below.

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Well, this one’s a little late for Christmas. A few people may know that I had intended to take care of re-editing the last three chapters in this book since only they’re magazine scans were translated. Well to those who were waiting patiently, here they are. I could have had this ready for Christmas, but procrastination held me back (a common occurrence for me). In any case, consider this a belated gift! This is the complete tankoubon version of Sankakukan. So that means magazine scans no longer “taint” (so to speak) the collection. How I so wish I could have edited this whole book since Wamusato Haru is one of my favorite artists. I would have had fun giving this book the treatment it deserves, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. But editing these last chapters were a good consolation. Especially chapter 9. It was one of my earliest edits when I joined LWB/TV. Felt good to redo that.

Credits for translations go to Kusanyagi for chapters 1-7, Carstairs for chapter 8, Wrathkal of Team Vanilla for chapter 9, and Ero-Otoko for chapter 10. I do wonder what happened to Ero-Otoko. He was working on stuff I liked before he went MIA, specifically those Futanarun doujins. I wouldn’t mind editing those. But I digress, enjoy the last three chapters as well as the rest of the book. Descriptions and links below the threshold.

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Onsen + Swimsuits + Big Breasts + Cheerleading Outfits + Orgy = FuckWin!
Marvel at the Double Page in Chapter 9 and be jealous of Kurou.

Since the Holidays were approaching fast, I decided to plow through the rest of Futariyome just so everyone could have some quality fap material for Christmas. Aren’t I a kind one? So yea, here’s the second Christmas release for you all: the last two chapters, and with that, the complete book. Hard to believe I started this with Nemui back at the end of January of 2011. And now we’re looking at the beginning of 2012. Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

In any case, a big, huge Thank You again (and I mean it) to Yoroshii for helping me complete the rest of this. I’ll be looking forward to working with Yoroshii some more in the near future. Since I did go through and make some changes to previous chapters, I recommend you pick up the complete tankoubon as links to the individual chapters released previously don’t have any of those changes. And before I forget, Chapter 3, which was done by SaHa a long time ago, is included in the batch. So then thanks for all your patience and continue on for descriptions and links. Enjoy Christmas, everybody!

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A Nurse and an Office Lady, both with huge tits. I like.

This marks the second Christmas release for the day here. Though I say “Christmas,” there’s nothing Christmas-y about these chapters. Just two chapters featuring a big-titted nurse and office lady. But still! It’s good stuff in my skewed opinion, so forgive me if anyone tends to disagree. In any case, with these two chapters, this completes the Love Doll book. As mentioned last month, chapters 1-4 (a story featuring a futa) were done by SaHa a long time ago. Chapters 5-6 were done by the MIA Nemui. And Yoroshii, who I should honestly be a personal slave to right now for all his help, provided the translations for these last two chapters. Well, if you aren’t particularly fond of this release, don’t worry. The happy comes later on after this with the next release. In any case, continue on for descriptions and the links.

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The One Armed, Horned Hermit, Ibara Kasen, Two Oni, and a Faceless Guy.

Here’s a Touhou doujin that I finished a week ago which is now a part of LWB/TV’s 12 Days of Christmas releases. This is a joint project between Wrathkal of Team Vanilla and myself. Of course, I took care of the editing. In actuality, I picked this up to edit back at the end of October, but being that this was a full color doujin with nothing but transparent bubbles, the motivation to do it back then just wasn’t there lol. Which was to be expected since I did the same thing on two other doujins by this artist (a Reimu one and one with Yuuka, Tenshi, and Youmu). What can I say, they’re difficult, time-consuming edits. But I finally got it done. I even joined two of the double pages. Makes me feel like a good editor when joining pages lol. Anyway, continue on for the description and the link.

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Wife Cheerleader + Big Breasts + Glasses = Win!

Here’s chapter 7 of Futariyome. Translations courtesy of Yoroshii once again. This time, another wife cheerleader from the group of four we saw in the first chapter makes her formal appearance.

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Nice proportions, nice tan, and a swimsuit top that might as well be string. I am okay with that.

Here’s the next chapter of Gutto Onedari. Translations courtesy of Yoroshii. As I mentioned back when Chapter 1 was released, there would be lots and lots of anal. Well, this chapter is just that, nothing but buttfucking.

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Symptoms include excessive masturbation.

Today, I have chapter 7 of Nikuyoku Analyze for you all. Translation courtesy of Yoroshii. Sorry for the gap in between releases, but things slow down during the November/December time frame. Classes coming to an end means crunch time for the students, and that includes myself (Presentation due next week, haven’t started yet ^_^;). Ahh, the glories of education.

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