Today, I have the last chapter of Niku☆Jiru for you all. This probably could have been out a lot sooner than now, but C81 happened while I was working on it, so it got shelved in favor of C81 stuff. That and procrastination/laziness factored in to the equation as well. But! It’s finally done. The translator for this chapter and all chapters that came before it was Wrathkal of Little White Butterflies. With the completion of this chapter, this marks his first full tankoubon translation. Congrats to him, and may there be more in the future. Anyhoos, links and description to follow.

Oh, and I guess I should finally get back to Warashibe and Nikuyoku Analyze now after shelving it for C81 as well. What do you guys think?

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DEM TITS! You’d think they were getting bigger just going by the cover, wouldn’t you?

And here we go with Fuetakishi’s most recent entry into the Fukuyama-san series, making this the 6th part to it (Fueta even says so at the end “4th season, 6th episode”). Filled with the same lovey-dovey sex that everyone’s come to expect. Unlike C79 and C80, he only did one Fukuyama-san story for C81. His other C81 doujin is a Bakuman doujin that hasn’t appeared on the net yet. Anyway, if his little afterword is any indication, there’s gonna be more Fukuyama-san to come in the future. I’ll be looking forward to it. I’m sure I won’t be the only one, right? My bet is that it’ll be a naked apron Fukuyama-san next lol.

Credits for the translation goes to Gurumao of Team Vanilla. The same guy who’s responsible for translating the previous three that I’ve edited. Also, he’s making progress on the last C79 doujin for the series too, so it hasn’t been forgotten. It’s just slowly working its way through the system, that’s all. In any case, links and description to follow.

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Have some wincest

Here’s another C81 release featuring some wincest. It’s also Christmas-themed, so that’s a plus. As the title would imply, this is the sequel to Imouto no Otetsudai 1 which was done by Team Vanilla during C80 a few months back. You can grab it from over there.

Again, this was a joint effort between myself and Catharsis from Sharpy Translations who did the translating. Team Vanilla assisted with QC.

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Rinnosuke’s adventure of gathering Gensokyo’s maidens into his harem
the devious and dastardly way continues.

Here’s another release. Finally peeled myself away from watching anime to get something done. This time, a break from C81 to do a doujin released during C80 a few months ago. Scans for this hadn’t popped up until recently though. In any case, this was a joint between myself and Wrathkal of Little White Butterflies.

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The poster girl of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Kashiwazaki Sena aka. Meat.
An appropriate nickname, don’t you think? *Looks at Cover*

Here’s my second C81 doujin. This time, a BokuTomo doujin. As I had predicted some months back while conversing with fellow denizens of the web, C81 is going just like I knew it would. BokuTomo is dominating in terms of amount of doujins for it in this Comiket. The only other series that outproduces it is Touhou, which has a strong showing at every convention. Clearly, I must sit down and watch BokuTomo one of these days…. when my anime backlog isn’t quite so large anymore T_T.

In any case, this was a joint effort between myself, Catharsis from Sharpy Translations who did the translating, and Gurumao from Team Vanilla who assisted with QC.

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An OreImo doujin with Kirino, Kanako, and Ayase in Idolm@ster outfits?

Here’s my first entry in 2012, and also my first C81 doujin. An OreImo doujin by one of my current favorite artists, Takuji. This was a joint between myself and Team Vanilla. Credit for the translation goes to a new LWB/TV translator by the name of Warp2243. Here’s hoping he sticks around for awhile over there.

Anyway, since there’s much C81 stuff to pillage, I’ll keep the post short for a change. Well, there’s isn’t much to say about this doujin except Kyousuke fucks Kirino, Kanako, and Ayase. Yup, a quick and to-the-point summary. Oh and it’s also in full color! So enjoy.

*Now Updated with the Uncensored Version Courtesy of Belldandy100*

DL Link: Minus (Uncensored)