Finally getting a chance to work on some Shunjyo Shusuke. Happy days!

Here’s something I had made prior arrangements to do, Shunjyo Shusuke’s (This is how he/she writes it. It’s in the book and on his/her homepage) most recent book “Nee, Mou Sukoshi Dake…”. More specifically, just 3 chapters out of this book since the rest have already been done with magazine scans. I will likely take care of re-editing those chapters with the tank scans for a complete tank release eventually since I think it deserves that treatment… and because I really like the artwork. But since there’s lots of other things that need my attention at present, it won’t be a top priority thing for the time being.

In any case, the translator (or translators?) who’s extending me a helping hand on those aforementioned 3 chapters (well, 2 now) is The Individual Eleven (TIE for short). TIE was more than willing to help out with this when I showed him the chapters. TIE’s a sucker for Vanilla stuff (you’ll see that if you visit his site), so it was a perfect combination. So now, there’s some Vanilla for everyone. So enjoy some Shunjyo Shusuke goodness!

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Playing volleyball with more than just a trip to the championships on the line.

Back again with another chapter of Nikuyoku Analyze. Chapter 9 is here. Translation courtesy of Yoroshii as per usual. As usual, my slacker ways made me take longer on this than I should have, especially since it was a relatively quick edit once I actually started it… Anyway, this is the second to last chapter in the book, so the next chapter brings Nikuyoku Analyze to a close. I’ll try not to delay it too long. That is, provided anime, manga, other edits, and whatnot don’t get in the way. Pray for me, folks T_T

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Working in reverse, Fukuyama-san is back again.

After a long, long time, here’s the last untranslated part to Fuetakishi’s Fukuyama-san series, the second doujin he released at C79. Not counting the Chuberozu chapter and the Fukuyama-san 2 chapter that came out in the May 2009 issue of Comic Megastore (Not sure where it places in continuity anyway), this is the third entry in the Fukuyama-san doujin series. And as I mentioned before way back when Fukuyama-san 3 – Eruption was released, this is the doujin that directly precedes it.

So the order is officially:
1. Fukuyama-san | 2. Fukuyama-san 2 – Navy Blue | 3. Fukuyama-san 2 – Stripes
4. Fukuyama-san 3 – Eruption | 5. Fukuyama-san 3 – Take Me to the Sea
6. Fukuyama-san 4 – The Travel Chapter.

Links to the parts will be provided after the description.

Once again credits for the translation go to Gurumao of Team Vanilla. Kudos to him for sticking with the translation and putting up with me dragging my feet on this when he completed the translation a few weeks ago. But now it’s all done for the time being. We just have to wait for C82 in August now to see what Fuetakishi has the two lovebirds doing next. Anyways, thanks for everyone’s patience. Have some more Fukuyama-san. A perfect Valentine’s Day release, yes?

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Onozuka Komachi: Owner of Gensokyo’s biggest rack… DEM TITS!!!

So here’s a short Touhou doujin featuring Gensokyo’s slacker Shinigami, Onozuka Komachi. The translation was done by Darknight. This was something that he had started who knows how long ago, but never got around to finishing, so I offered to finish the editing for him. Simple as that ^_^. Now, it’s time to begin work on the last untranslated Fukuyama-san story. How’s that sound? Sound good? I bet it does. I’ve only been putting it off for a few weeks (got the script mid-January). So look forward to it in the next few days or so.

Now then, first, I have an announcement concerning Faytear and the state of three of his projects. The description and link for the Touhou doujin will follow after that.

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At long last, the last Fuku- Oh wait! Not quite there yet ^_^

Well, it’s not the C79 Fukuyama-san book that people are still waiting for lol. Don’t worry though. I’m being made to do it now since I’ve been putting it off, so expect it to be one of next things I do. But still, it’s Fuetakishi, and this is his second doujin entry to C81. A Bakuman doujin featuring Aoki Yuriko. I know she’s a hot chick in the anime and manga (I haven’t actually read/watched it myself yet), but when drawn by Fuetakishi, she’s down right delicious. Hehe… Dat Cover! Dem Tits!

Credit for the translation goes to Gurumao of Team Vanilla (supposed to be an LWB joint at first) once again. Especially big props to him for going the extra mile on this. He went and marathon’d the anime series just so he could translate this without missing any series-specific details if they came up. Gotta love a guy like that. Anyway, since Fuetakishi provided a description of the doujin, I’ll just use his lol. DL link to follow.

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Nikuyoku Analyze 145

She wants a new cellphone. Guess how she’ll make her case. Involves incest too.

After a bit of a hiatus, here’s chapter 8 of Nikuyoku Analyze. Translation courtesy of Yoroshii as per usual. Sorry for the delay on this. As mentioned before, it was one of the things that got shelved while I devoted my attention to C81 stuff (and anime and manga -_-). Well, aside from Fuetakishi’s C81 Bakuman doujin I’m currently working on, the C81 mode is pretty much done for me. So I’ll be going back to the regular stuff and a couple of new things soon after. Anyway, continue on for description and links.

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