Sakaki Utamaru. Expect plump, healthy girls with big tits and fat asses.
Deliciously big tits and fat asses…

Back again with another release after a bit of a break (School has resumed for me). This time, I’m bringing the first chapter of Nuki x Sen by Sakaki Utamaru. If you’ve read any of his previous books (there’s 3 translated), then you already know what to expect from him. If you haven’t, that cover above and its caption is about all you really need to know. You’ll find nothing but thick women in this. As for myself, I am okay with that.

Anyway, as this was originally Fayt’s project, the credits for the translations go to Brolen. And this time, I didn’t take part in the editing. The one who took care of the editing was Torn. I only looked the chapter over and fixed some mistakes. Description and Link below.

In other news, another one of Fayt’s projects has landed in my lap. Once I clear my current queue (as seen under the shoutbox), it’ll show up in the lineup. Also, along with that, a couple older projects will be getting restarted after long hiatuses as well. April’s looking to be a pretty good month already ^_^

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Again, just the cover of the manga. Has nothing to do with the contents of the chapter,
but the theme appears to be similar though :3

And after Kanjyuku comes “In Her Crack” by Tomoe Tenbu, another manga that Tadanohito asked me to pick up the editing for due to Faytear’s retirement. I quite like Tomoe Tenbu’s artwork, so I’m glad to be picking up where Fayt left off.

In any case, credits for translation go to Tadanohito again. As you can see, this chapter is a continuation of chapter 7 from this book, so if you haven’t read that yet, you probably should. You can pick that up (and all previous chapters) on Tadanohito’s site. I haven’t read it yet, so I’m not entirely sure what’s going on lol. Something about teachers, pets (sex slaves), implied drug use and whatnot. You’ll see.

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Kanjyuku 066

Dat Notebook! Dat URL! What could he possibly find there!?

And following up with the Chapter 3 of Kanjyuku below, here’s chapter 4, which concludes this 3-chapter story. In my opinion, not really all that NTR. I think it’s because of the way the husband spun the whole situation in his head. You’ll see what I mean when you read it. But hardcore cheating and sluts for sure though. Maybe I’m too used to NTR stories that leave everyone involved but the bad guys scarred for life (Dem’s the good ones *nod nod*). Either way, NTR is tagged anyway. Feel free to leave your opinion as well.

Credits for the translation once again go to Tadanohito. As mentioned one post down, I’m aware this chapter was already done. Anyway, prepare for more twisted up faces of pleasure (this artist’s rendition of Ahegao), slut mom and daughter, rough sex, and delusional(?) husband. Anyway, I haven’t looked through the whole book yet, but I think you can expect some relatively Happy Sex stories (sex is still rough though) from the next few chapters. May be surprising considering SINK’s body of work to this day lol.

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Just the cover of the manga. Has nothing to with the contents of the chapter :3

Here’s the next release (Already!?), chapter 3 of Kanjyuku by SINK. As mentioned some time ago, this is one of Fayt’s projects that I picked up by request of Tadanohito. The first two chapters (which were edited by Fayt) can be found over on Tada’s site as well. I suggest reading chapter 2 if you haven’t, as it’s the first part to this story.

Credits for the translation go to the aforementioned Tadanohito. Now then, I’m aware this and the next chapter have already been done, but since Tadanohito already had scripts for them and all (a long, long time ago)… Well, people will have another version to choose from, that’s all. As for this manga, if you don’t know of the artist, SINK, then just know that there will be lots and lots and lots of Ahegao. He really loves it apparently. As such, expect relatively rough sex to accompany it as well. Just so ya know.

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Your childhood friend, who you haven’t seen in 10 years, suddenly transfers to your school a full-fledged Ojou-sama. She wants to play a game with you. What do you do?

The game they played back when they were kids was nostalgic lol. I bet there’s plenty of people who have played “Doctor” back in their good old days of innocence with a girl at least one time. But that’s where the similarities between life and this chapter end, I would think. I’m pretty sure that same girl didn’t show up 10 years later asking to play it again lol.

Anyway, it’s time for the last chapter of Nikuyoku Analyze. Didn’t make you wait too long between chapters this time, did I? With that comes the batch release. Translation courtesy of Yoroshii as per usual. A big, big thank you to him for helping me finish the rest of this book. Be sure to go leave your thanks on his site as well.

As for the batch, I’ve made various small changes as well as correcting any mistakes that I could find throughout the book. I’ve also included the translated two-page omake at the beginning of the book (about the couple from chapter 3). So with all that, this manga should be a done deal. Hope you guys all enjoyed it. I’ll be on the lookout for Warashibe’s next manga. Description and Links below.

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Another Touhou doujin. This time, featuring crow tengu #2, Himekaidou Hatate.

Time for another Touhou doujin. This is actually a doujin that I’ve been sitting on since C81 got under way two months ago. It’s been fully translated since November of last year, actually, but I didn’t pick it up still January. I just finished the editing on this not yesterday. It got placed on the back burner during the C81 shuffle and was delayed further in favor of me doing other edits. Guess I should thank TLRF for not harassing me about getting it done. Then again, he went on hiatus for a bit which allowed me to slack off on it even more… In any case, it’s good and done now. Time to finish up Nikuyoku Analyze. Hoping to have it done in a couple of days.

The one responsible for providing the translation was TLRF from TLRF Translations. If you’re in to loli, I definitely suggest browsing his site. He’s got a lot of loli goodies to enjoy. And also, LWB was kind enough to assist with QC. Description and Links below.

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