Here’s the next chapter Gun Tribe Volume 2, sponsored by Wrldtrvlr and translations courtesy of Tadanohito. This chapter sees the return of Jemina, a character that appeared in the first volume (Chapter 6, I believe).

And now, a little announcement. Since it’s that time of year again for college students, like myself, I will have to postpone operations (heh) around here for this coming week and next while I gear up for finals.

My last final should be on the 10th of May, so it’s not a long hiatus, but I thought it would be nice for people to know. I may manage to edit some stuff if I allow some free time, but just don’t expect any releases between now and then. Your patience is appreciated. Links and Description below.

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She’s an Ojou-sama.

After a quite a bit of a hiatus (last release was in December), here’s the next chapter of Gutto Onedari. We have a teacher and his student, a quiet Ojou-sama. Also, contains a pretty nice footjob scene in the beginning.

Translations courtesy of Yoroshii as per usual. If you remember what I said back when Chapter 1 was released, about there being lots and lots of buttfucking, that still holds true for this chapter. And really, the entire book. I love it already. So yea, if you like buttfucking like I do, you’ll find a lot to enjoy in this book. Anyway, description and links below.

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When you see it… It’s also relevant to the chapter ^_^

And here we go with another project back from the abyss. Again, thanks to Yoroshii for helping me revive Honey Dip. So, 441 days after the release of chapter 4 (according to MangaUpdates), here is chapter 5. A one-shot about a teacher and her student.

As mentioned above, credits for reviving yet another manga go to Yoroshii. I’ve also re-uploaded the previous 4 chapters as well. Links and Description below

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So, after a long, long, super long time on hiatus, with the help of Yoroshii, I’m finally able to revive this project. A big, huge thank you to him again for helping me continue this project in the MIA Nemui’s stead. So then, 424 days after the release of Chapter 2 (according to MangaUpdates), chapter 3 is here.

As mentioned above, credits for resurrecting this manga goes to Yoroshii. Since it’s been a while, I’ve gone ahead and re-uploaded the first two chapters for your rereading pleasure. Links and descriptions below

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Time for some Teacher action.

Time for some more thick women courtesy of Sakaki Utamaru today. This time, we have a teacher-student pair. Credits for the translation goes to Brolen. Torn took care of the editing again while I took care of QC.

In other news, I was planning to have finished chapter 3 of M Kyoushi Mochizuki-Sensei already, but I’ve been a terrible slacker the last few days. I blame Biribiri. That is all. But still, terrible slacking on my part. Gotta fix that. Anyway, links and description below.

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Gun Tribe 2 - 000a

The story of Gun Tribe continues! Also, epic dog girl tits!

As mentioned before, and if you noticed on the right, this is the fourth of Faytear’s projects that I’m continuing with the help of Tadanohito. And also, this is technically a commissioned project. A cool guy by the name of Wrldtrvlr (responsible for contributing a lot to the completion of the first volume) commissioned the script from Tadanohito, then asked if I would be willing to take on the editing (I’m doing it for free, mind you). Well, I think it’s plainly obvious what my answer was lol.

In any case, credits for translation go to Tadanohito, of course, and sponsored by Wrldtrvlr. Having not read the 1st volume myself yet, I don’t really know what all is going on in terms of story, but as for this chapter, it’s pretty much just sex. Guess I should read the first volume sooner or later.

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She’s been doing bad things to a student. Karma strikes today.

Following up on Kanjyuku again comes chapter 9 of In Her Crack. A story involving a teacher and the consequences of wronging her student. In layman’s terms, Payback’s a Bitch!

Credits for translation go to Tadanohito. If you take a look over to the right in my current queue, you’ll notice a couple projects finally getting restarted thanks to Yoroshii (My Savior), including one that I believe many have been waiting to see continued after Nemui’s disappearance (Could be wrong about that though). Also, you’ll notice the new project as well, which will be another join with Tadanohito. In any case, look forward to them.

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Welp, looks like MediaFire finally gave me the boot as anyone who tries any download link (save for a couple cuz they were uploaded on DF) will no doubt notice. No clue why MediaFire went on a crusade so suddenly (I had been using them for 2 years already), but it’s quite apparent that I wasn’t the only one who was hit as I heard the same things happening to other groups I visit. It’s unfortunate too since there isn’t any place better than MediaFire for downloading since MU was shut down…

So what happens now? Well, I’ll be going to DepositFiles for the main link while using a Mirror-creator link for the secondary link, so at least people will have more options to choose from when downloading from here. Of course, this would be the time to steer me away from DepositFiles if someone knows of a better, less hassle place to download from (A place that has no wait time for downloaders, preferably).

In any case, I don’t have time to do any reuploading and link fixing now (I’ve got class in a couple of hours), so please hang tight for now. Some releases you can pick up from Translators I partnered with. Anyway, you’ll know that I have reuploaded most everything when this post disappears. Have a good day, everyone ^_^

*Update #1* – Gathered up all the files that need re-ups. Also, decided to go with Minus as my new home. We’ll see how that goes.

*Update #2* – Everything’s been re-uploaded on Minus. I’ll be fixing links in posts and in Ongoing/Complete manga/doujin sections later tonight. The next update will be when this post is gone.

*Update #3* – Alright, I’ve finished replacing all the links on the site (the ones that needed replacing, that is). Now then, hopefully there won’t be anymore issues. All links should functioning. Let me know if I missed anything or if some links lead to the wrong files. For this reason, I’ll keep this post up for the next few days. Thanks for all your patience ^_^

Yup, that’s right. Dude just pressed his dick up to the face of a girl while she’s studying.
Mighty bold, that guy~

Time for some more Kanjyuku. This time, presenting chapter 5, a one-shot story about a mother and daughter’s particular situation. The ending surprised me considering how the guy was being a grade-A douchebag to them the whole time lol. Seems SINK likes making the guys be total dicks.

Anyway, one thing I’ve forgotten to mention is that Kanjyuku, In Her Crack, and Nuki x Sen are all projects that had been funded back on Fayt’s site a long time ago. Of course, I had totally forgotten about that, hence why no mention of the donors have shown up in the credits for those projects. So, donors, please forgive me. What I’ll do is add the names of the donors of each respective project to the credits when I reach the end of each book.

In any case, credits for the translation go to Tadanohito once again. Just like chapter 4 (scroll down for that), prepare for some mother-daughter Ahegao, slut mom and daughter, rough sex, and… family bonding?

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