What’s this? Delicious Dog Tits? Damn Straight!

Here’s chapter 2 Oohashi Takayuki’s World Is Mine. So, you gotta a clue what’s going on yet? No? Well, this chapter doesn’t fix that situation lol. We get a look at our Main (nameless) Heroine as she continues her search for information on Spell Moon, which leads her to a place called “Dog Ears”. There, she meets Hachi.

Anyhoos, this was sponsored G Just G via the E-H bounty system. The one responsible for handling the translating was xenexegesis. I took care of the editing as usual. Gonna see if I can try to get this out quick this month, but it’s almost the end of the college semester, which means the dreaded exams period T_T. We’ll see how it all goes.

Anyway, links and description below.

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