I figure here is about as good a place there is to address some things, especially about what I’m willing to edit as far as content is concerned. There’s still much relevant information missing most likely, but if you have a particular question, just leave a comment on this page and I’ll address it (and add it to the FAQ).

Q. What is your name?
A. Afro Thunda, the mild-mannered editor from around the way.

Q. Umm… You’re real name <.<
A. I think we’d all agree that using our real names on the net is not the best of ideas at times. Let’s assume that this is one of those times. You know, with the Party Van lurking and all…

Q. Fine, fine. Fair enough. So, what kind of things would you be willing to work on?
A. Pretty much anything aside from Yaoi. Of course, I’d allow for some leeway if there’s only a little bit relative to the rest of the doujin/manga/whatever. Like 3 or 4 pages, though the tolerance level can change depending on the artist.

Q. So… I have something I want to see edited, and I can acquire a script for it by whatever means, and I just so happen to be here on your site… You know where I’m going with this, right?
A. If you have a DL link to the raw (preferably an MF or MU link) and/or a link to the gallery (you know of E-H and ExH, right?), I wouldn’t mind taking a look. And if it’s within my editing capabilities, I wouldn’t mind editing your script. As long as you run it by me before getting your script, there won’t be any problems. Because, what if I’m not skilled enough to handle it, right?

Q. How would I be able to get in contact with you if I had such a proposition?
A. You can email me at drugs_arebad@hotmail.com. That’s my personal email that I keep open almost all the time, so your email is not likely to go unnoticed if you contact me there. Unless it ends up the Junk Mail, that is.

  1. Congrats on your new blog Afro~

  2. I like what you’ve done to the place.

    • simone
    • Apr 5th. 2012 10:42am

    Do you do text translation only?

    • I am just an editor. I can’t translate at all. If you want just text translations, you’d have to go and talk to a translator-for-hire.

    • raj
    • May 18th. 2012 3:06am

    could u translate this honey dip chapter which is a continuation of the ist chapter of honey dip
    here are the links

    • ronny
    • Apr 13th. 2013 1:34pm

    could u translate Inbo Shiiku chapters 9 and 10

    • sayan
    • Apr 21st. 2013 12:30am

    pls check out (1)Seishokuki ~Hatsujou Panic Toshi by Saiyazumi and (2)Mon-Oka by Saiyazumi and see if u could translate it
    here’s the link:1) http://exhentai.org/g/544034/9aa5fff8a5/
    2) http://exhentai.org/g/426119/183fa04fe1/

    • Shake
    • Apr 27th. 2013 11:41pm

    He’s not a fucking translator

    Jesus Christ

    • sasuke
    • Jul 16th. 2013 9:54pm

    I would love an English translation of http://exhentai.org/g/416678/1c45e33edc/

    http://exhentai.org/gallerytorrents.php?gid=416678&t=1c45e33edc (torrent)

    • Daniel
    • Jul 24th. 2014 1:26pm

    Do you translate only japanese doujin works? I have some doujins I would like to see translated, but its in chinese…Just curious if you translate variety of them or not.

    • Daniel
    • Jul 24th. 2014 1:34pm

    Daniel :
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Do you translate only japanese doujin works? I have some doujins I would like to see translated, but its in chineseā€¦Just curious if you translate variety of them or not.

    Scratch that, I’m a dummy. Do you only edit or do you do anything besides that? Like, cleaning pages and things like that?

    • Well, cleaning the pages (getting rid of moonrunes and whatnot) is part of the editing process, so yeah, I do that.

    • David
    • Nov 29th. 2015 8:37am

    Excuse me,
    I already have the bellow translated:
    But do you think you could the editing process for me please?

    • Unfortunately, I can’t right now. I have a decent backlog I need to get through at the moment.

    • David
    • Dec 5th. 2015 1:42pm

    Okay. Thanks anyway.

    • Zelinko
    • Oct 14th. 2016 8:12am

    Hey any idea if you’ll be open for picking up any editing and possibly translation of raws soon?

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