(HaruCC17) [Animal Passion (Yude Pea)] Memory of a Certain Little Night Sparrow (Touhou Project)

Crow and Sparrow 001

Another week gone by, and pesu and Ean have provided another Touhou doujin. We go back to Mystia Lorelei, but this time she’s engaging in sexual relations with Shameimaru Aya. What happened to Utsuho? Don’t worry about that. Just enjoy the sexy fun times she has with Aya as Aya tries to get her to remember her name.

As per usual, pesu handled the translation, and Ean handled the editing. I just provided QC this time around.

In other news, 3rd chapter of Bokunchi no Mikage-san is almost ready. It’ll likely be released sometime later today. If not, definitely tomorrow.

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DL Link: Mega | E-Hentai

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