Next repost is a Tsuyatsuya release done a long time ago. I think this was Nemui’s second release. In any case, home tutor Onno Kazuhiro, has an encounter with a Milf in glasses after she rushes to answer the door in nothing but a towel. Cue Kazuhiro’s nosebleed. After getting permission to use the bathroom to stop his nosebleed, the Milf busts in on him while he has his boner in his hand (he was trying to take a piss), then she stumbles and falls on him. One thing leads to another and they’re having sex. It’s cheating, but it’s lighthearted, so no drama if you’re familiar with some of Tsuyatsuya’s other works.


This is the beginning of my series of reposts. Starting from the oldest of Nemui’s releases (this one) to his/my most recent ones before Nemui Scans died. Might be a good excuse for you to enjoy some of the earlier releases again. In any case, this is a doujin of Nishimaki Tohru’s Blue Eyes manga featuring Cecilia. The artist, Zourouku, was an assistant to Nishimaki if I remember correctly. It would explain why the styles are so similar. So, just like the Blue Eyes series, you can expect to see some ample bosoms here. Well, I guess you could already guess that from the cover, right?


Hello, everyone (tl:dr post incoming. you’ve been warned). This is your friendly, neighborhood Afro Thunda speaking. Welcome to my own little piece of the web, Afro Scans (Afro Thunda Scans is the full name; AfTh Scans is the abbreviation). Some of you may be thinking “If this is the same ‘Afro Thunda’ that I’ve seen credited on work done by Biribiri, Little White Butterflies, Team Vanilla, and Nemui Scans, then this isn’t your first ever post.” And you would be absolutely correct as I had been actively posting on Nemui Scans until recently. But cut me some slack, it’s the first post on MY OWN personal blog. Feels good, man. But I digress, if you were familiar with Nemui Scans, you may be wondering “So you were working with Nemui, huh? Whatever happened to him?” Well, my (present and future) friends, that I do not know. Maybe I’ll figure that out someday because I would like to know as well. Which brings us to the reason I decided to go ahead and make my own little blog.

tl:dr part, but it’s important »

Since Nemui Scans shows no signs of resurrecting, this blog will be its “backup”, so to speak. If you check out the Completed Manga section and Completed Doujin/One-Shots section under the Projects menu at the top, you’ll see that I’ve recovered every link that had been available on the former Nemui Scans (it was my first priority). You can also check the Ongoing Manga section to collect what was started on Nemui’s site. With that said, it is my intention to continue all the projects that were started over there. But as many may know, I am but an editor. So naturally, those projects will sit until I can rope in a translator that’s willing to help me get any one of them completed. So if you just so happen to be a translator passing by and see something on the list you’d like to do, shoot me an email. Or if you have something you’d like to translate, but lack an editor, I’d be happy to edit for you. I’m flexible like that. In any case, I’ll have to ask anyone that was waiting on a particular project to please continue being patient.

So with all that said above, you now might be wondering “Well, Mr. Afro Thunda sir, if you have no translator to help with your projects, what can you do?” That’s a good question. Well, I do have my joint with Yoroshii on Nikuyoku Analyze still going on and I’m still with LWB/Team Vanilla, so I’m not completely without anything to do. But aside from that, I’ve decided to make work for myself. That is, namely, to do Magazine Scan to Tank Scan re-edits. Though that means you’d only be seeing stuff you’ve probably read already, it wouldn’t hurt to give something a reread if bumped up to Tank Scan quality, right? And there’s certainly plenty out there that could use that treatment, so why not? Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve re-edited anything.

Well, if you read all the way through that wall of text lacking an image of any kind, I thank you for your time. I must also thank psyburn21 for offering to host me. For any more Info, check out the FAQ. It’s probably missing much relevant info, but if you have questions, just leave a comment here or on said FAQ page and I’ll address it. In the meantime, there’s still much I need to do bring this site up to speed. I’ll be going back and restoring posts from Nemui’s site, so those will be the first “new” things to show up in the following days, but I am working on things behind the scenes. So I have to ask for everyone’s patience while I get things sorted out. Anyway, I hope to be able to continue on where Nemui left off.

(P.S. To a few of those guys on Faytear’s site, I finally made a site ^_^)