(C70) [Kemokomoya (Komori Kei)] Trembling Saber-san (Fate/Stay Night)


And suddenly, another random release. This time, a Fate/Stay Night doujin featuring Saber. Quite a simple doujin. So simple, in fact, that there’s no actual sex! Plenty of foreplay, though. This is a two-part doujin series, though, so all the sex happens in the second part. And I just received word (and script) that I’ll be doing the second part. There’s a few other things that need taking care of first before I get to it.

Anyhoos, this doujin is brought to you by Lasertym once again, who sponsored the translation through E-H’s bounty system. Translation was provided by Krymsun this time around. I took care of the editing at Lasertym’s request once again as well. Lasertym has made me feel special for a second time. So Happy T_T. Links and description below.

As mentioned above, there’s no actual sex taking place, just preparations for sex… Anal sex. Shirou requested it of Saber, of course, after poking at her butt a little. So how do you prepare for anal sex? With an enema, of course! Don’t worry, it’s not that kind of doujin.

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