(C71) [Kemokomoya (Komori Kei)] Squishy Saber-san Nyaa (Fate/Stay Night)

And another random release. We have today the continuation of that Fate/Stay Night doujin featuring Saber. Quite simple yet again. Now, they get to the buttfucking. After some more enema play, that is. The session is almost spoiled by an intruding Rin and Sakura, but they leave Shirou and Saber alone to… fix the toilet (it’s their excuse).

Anyhoos, this doujin is brought to you once again by Lasertym, who sponsored the translation through E-H’s bounty system. Translation was provided by Krymsun, just like the last Saber doujin. I took care of the editing at Lasertym’s request once again as well. And for a third time, Lasertym has made me feel special. So Happy T_T. Links and description below.

As mentioned above, Shirou and Saber get to the buttfucking in this part. Too short for me, but decent nonetheless.

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