(C78) [DOUMOU] Playing With Master! Book (Touhou Project)

Futa-Reisen is back to have some more fun with Eirin~

Thanks to pesu and Ean, we have another Touhou doujin for you. It’s DOUMOU’s favorite Touhou pairing, Reisen x Eirin, with Reisen donning her Futa cock to subdue Eirin. This is one of DOUMOU’s earliest entries in his Reisen x Eirin series. If you’ve read any of the later doujins (I edited his C80 book for LWB), you know what to expect. Namely, Futa-Reisen forcing Eirin into sex, and Eirin reluctantly giving in eventually.

In any case, Links and Description below.

After listening to scary stories on Miko-Miko Douga (I lol’d), Eirin realizes how late it is and decides to take a bath. That’s when Reisen, equipped with her “Third Leg”, shows up. Eirin thought she had cured her of it the last time, but it’s back again. She moves to cure it one more time, but Reisen decides they should take a bath together since they’re both unclean. Futa-Reisen x Eirin sexy times in the bathroom ensue~

DL Link: DepositFiles | E-Hentai

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