(C78) [Tsuji Andon (Tsujikaze)] Sanzan Sakuya (Touhou Project)


Here we have a Touhou doujin featuring Izayoi Sakuya and Yakumo Yukari (and a little bit of Remilia Scarlet). Clanc of Team Vanilla. I’ve done quite a few Touhou doujins for LWB/Team Vanilla, so if you’re a fan of Touhou, whether it be happy sex or otherwise (the LWB side), then you can go to those places and find more.

In any case, so Yukari’s come to pay a visit to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but not to see Remilia. She has business with the resident head maid, Sakuya. Yukari, using her broken ability, gets down to some stealth teasing with Sakuya as her target. Then shortly after Sakuya runs out after the stealth teasing session, they meet again for some sex. This time, Yukari uses her ability to turn herself into a Futanari. She uses it again to summon more dicks (people) to fuck Sakuya, then she uses it one more time which ends up bringing Remilia into the middle of the group session, and they all get fucked. Quite a convenient ability this Yukari has, especially when it has no defined limits, don’t you think?

DL Link: Mega | E-Hentai

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