(C79) [Shoot The Moon (Fuetakishi)] Fukuyama-San 2 – Navy Blue


Following up the C80 Fukuyama-san 3 release (scroll down a bit if you missed it somehow), Team Vanilla and I bring you Fuetakishi’s C79 Fukuyama-san 2 doujin. Gurumao provided the translations once again, so big thanks to him for that. And for inquiring minds, the second C80 Fukuyama-san 3 doujin is in the works. The second C79 doujin will most likely come some time after that. Yup, we’re definitely working out of order, but that’s okay. At least you know they’re coming, right? In any case, enjoy some Maid Fukuyama-san.

So we go back in time a little bit with this one (cuz we’re working out of order). Before Fukuyama-san put on that awesome swimsuit in the C80 doujin, she put on a Maid uniform. And her and Suzuki-kun had some fun… Lots of fun. In the presence of others even. Also, Fukuyama-san uses some “Lolwut?” logic in this. You’ll know it when you see it.

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