(C79) [Shoot The Moon (Fuetakishi)] Fukuyama-san 2 – Stripes


Working in reverse, Fukuyama-san is back again.

After a long, long time, here’s the last untranslated part to Fuetakishi’s Fukuyama-san series, the second doujin he released at C79. Not counting the Chuberozu chapter and the Fukuyama-san 2 chapter that came out in the May 2009 issue of Comic Megastore (Not sure where it places in continuity anyway), this is the third entry in the Fukuyama-san doujin series. And as I mentioned before way back when Fukuyama-san 3 – Eruption was released, this is the doujin that directly precedes it.

So the order is officially:
1. Fukuyama-san | 2. Fukuyama-san 2 – Navy Blue | 3. Fukuyama-san 2 – Stripes
4. Fukuyama-san 3 – Eruption | 5. Fukuyama-san 3 – Take Me to the Sea
6. Fukuyama-san 4 – The Travel Chapter.

Links to the parts will be provided after the description.

Once again credits for the translation go to Gurumao of Team Vanilla. Kudos to him for sticking with the translation and putting up with me dragging my feet on this when he completed the translation a few weeks ago. But now it’s all done for the time being. We just have to wait for C82 in August now to see what Fuetakishi has the two lovebirds doing next. Anyways, thanks for everyone’s patience. Have some more Fukuyama-san. A perfect Valentine’s Day release, yes?

So in this installment, Fukuyama-san and Suzuki get together to do some studying. The place: Fukuyama-san’s house. All the better since Fukuyama-san’s mom won’t be home at all. Suzuki’s already thinking of the inevitable outcome of such a situation. But! Fukuyama-san is having none of it and is adamant about wanting them to study, much to Suzuki’s dismay. When they arrive, Suzuki does the so-called “Natural thing” and raids her panty drawer while she’s out of the room. Of course, he’s caught red-handed. You might think any chances for sexy time end there, but to the fortune of a dropped eraser and a particular pair of panties, the opportunity presents itself and Suzuki happily takes advantage.


DL Links for the other 5 doujins (In order):
1. Fukuyama-san (Translated by desudesu) | 2. Fukuyama-san 2 – Navy Blue | 4. Fukuyama-san 3 – Eruption | 5. Fukuyama-san 3 – Take Me to the Sea | 6. Fukuyama-san 4 – The Travel Chapter

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    1. I know. Feels good, man. Time to celebrate by watching anime and reading manga. Then back to the photosweatshop for me cuz there still be lots of stuff waiting for me.

      Also, Fueta should do another chapter featuring some good ‘ol buttfucking.

  1. So, thus far the doujin order is alphabetic. Must be the first time that I haven’t had to assign wonky filenames to releases in order to remind myself of the correct reading sequence… 😉

    Many thanks for the hard work, Gurumao and Afro.

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