(C80) [BLACK DOG (Kuroinu Juu)] YELLOW TEMPERANCE (Sailor Moon)

Oh Dear, it’s Sailor Venus.

Here’s Black Dog’s latest doujin from C80, translated by watisit over on the E-Hentai forum. I just volunteered to do the editing. And much work it was on my part… Lots of text per page times 52 pages to work through = 2 weeks gone. Probably shouldn’t have taken me that long, but it did. I need something easy to edit now lol. I’ve got plenty to choose from. My apologies to Biribiri and Yoroshii. I shall focus now T_T

In any case, it’s been awhile since the last time I read one of Black Dog’s Sailor Moon doujins, and you know what? You’ve read one, you’ve read all of his doujins. The guy sticks to doing what he likes the most, having the Sailor Scouts ravished by tentacles, youma, and/or middle-aged men. A lot of the time, that occurs on a train. Well, we have tentacles and middle-aged men in this one, but no trains. Just a cave of some sort. Anyway, you all know the drill if you’ve read a Black Dog doujin before.

Sailor Venus takes center stage this time around and gets a healthy serving of sex (as they all do in Black Dog doujins) via the 2 men who rescued her from surely imminent rape by the hands of a youma that captured her. This youma leaves a warning to Venus’s saviors, “Be careful. All those sailor warriors are sluts with great bodies made to seduce men like you guys.” Oh how true those words will turn out to be during their travel to the safe point.


Also, anyone know how old the Sailor Scouts are supposed to be? They keep talking about how developed Venus is for her age (it’s never mentioned though), so I’m just curious to know. And Jupiter and Venus are my favorite Sailor Scouts, hands down.

6 thoughts on “(C80) [BLACK DOG (Kuroinu Juu)] YELLOW TEMPERANCE (Sailor Moon)

  1. Hey Afro Thunda if i remember correctly from the anime years back, the sailor scouts were all in Middle school, or maybe High school, so we’re probably talking an age range of 14-17.

    1. Ah, I see. That makes sense. And considering that her level of schooling was censored in the doujin, I guess we’re talking a middle school Sailor Venus here. Thanks for the info. I totally gotta continue Sailor Moon one of these days, if only just to say I watched the whole series.

  2. i once read a black doujin that, has rape of one of the sailor as the main theme…… as usual, BUT, somehow, the sailor falls in love with the youma… yes, a youma, and it promises her a lot of stuff, she beggins to believe it, just to see it later beheaded by their own friends…
    i had mixed feelings with that one, quite sexy and original, (of some sort)

    can’t remeber the name though, but it is not very old of being scanlated

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