(C80) [CHIRIAKUTA (Yaburebouki Akuta)] Yuyuko ~Touhou Shoujo Saiin~ (Touhou Project)


Rinnosuke’s adventure of gathering Gensokyo’s maidens into his harem
the devious and dastardly way continues.

Here’s another release. Finally peeled myself away from watching anime to get something done. This time, a break from C81 to do a doujin released during C80 a few months ago. Scans for this hadn’t popped up until recently though. In any case, this was a joint between myself and Wrathkal of Little White Butterflies.

This doujin is actually the 11th part in a long-running doujin series by this artist. The other parts, 10 of which I’ve edited, can all be found here on LWB. They all involve Rinnosuke drugging and/or hypnotizing and mind breaking the various Touhou girls to become his loving sex slaves for reasons that still haven’t been made clear. While most of the previous doujins focus on him going through the process of training his sex slaves to be, this one is different in that Yuyuko’s already become a willing and loving sex slave, hence the Happy Sex tag. Otherwise, it’d have a mind control and rape tag.

DL Link: Mega

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