(C80) [Houenken (Inase Shinya)] Record of Hatate’s Competent Fact-Finding (Touhou Project)

Another Touhou doujin. This time, featuring crow tengu #2, Himekaidou Hatate.

Time for another Touhou doujin. This is actually a doujin that I’ve been sitting on since C81 got under way two months ago. It’s been fully translated since November of last year, actually, but I didn’t pick it up still January. I just finished the editing on this not yesterday. It got placed on the back burner during the C81 shuffle and was delayed further in favor of me doing other edits. Guess I should thank TLRF for not harassing me about getting it done. Then again, he went on hiatus for a bit which allowed me to slack off on it even more… In any case, it’s good and done now. Time to finish up Nikuyoku Analyze. Hoping to have it done in a couple of days.

The one responsible for providing the translation was TLRF from TLRF Translations. If you’re in to loli, I definitely suggest browsing his site. He’s got a lot of loli goodies to enjoy. And also, LWB was kind enough to assist with QC. Description and Links below.

After having an argument with fellow crow tengu, Shameimaru Aya, over the quality of her newspaper, Hatate flies off to get clear her head. While cooling off, a couple of shady-looking guys call out to her, promising a good story for her. Of course, Hatate’s quick to key in on their obvious shadiness when they say she has to follow them to the human village to get her scoop, but she tags along anyway since it would be a good way to kill some time while she’s mad at Aya. It isn’t long before Hatate’s suspicions are confirmed when the guys reveal their true motives. So what’s a “helpless” crow tengu girl to do? Why, continue playing along, and just maybe turn the situation into a newsworthy article!


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    1. I heard. There appears to have been some… well, “peculiar” circumstances behind his reason too. But it is too bad. I was hoping he’d be a strong fixture in the loli community T_T

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