(C80) [Shiawase Pudding Dou (Ninroku)] Package Meat Vol. 1.5 (Queen’s Blade)


Here’s a bit of a surprise release. Slutty Cattleya makes her return on this site in Package Meat Vol. 1.5. Well, if you’ve been following the series (up to what, the 7th or 8th volume now?), you’re well aware that Cattleya’s a total shota-/old man-cock whore right now. No old men in this one though.

I guess since this is Volume 1.5, it can be considered a little side story of sorts, if you will. Frankly, I’ve forgotten what all’s going on this story as a whole. Guess I should reacquaint myself with the Slutty Cattleya series one of these days lol.

In any case, this release was made possible by Toshidensetsu who provided the translation, and Marien who sponsored said translation. At Marien’s request, I handled the editing. Simple as that. Well, I guess I should be happy that Marien thought to come to me to do the editing. Making me feel like I’m worth something T_T. Anyway, thank those two for this release today. Links and Description below.

So Cattleya’s in the middle of a shota-cock orgy when her son, Rana, returns home after running an errand. By the time they meet face-to-face, she and the other boys are fully clothed like nothing ever happened. As the boys get ready to leave, upon seeing Rana, one boy asks if she’s fucking Rana as well. Of course not! But the thought sticks in her head the whole time… as they take a bath with each other…

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