(C80) [Shoot The Moon (Fuetakishi)] Fukuyama-san 3 – Eruption


How about DAT ASS!!! Amirite?

I’d certainly vote that one of the best cover pictures I’ve seen lol. Who else would? Anyway, here I am again. Back with Fuetakishi’s second C80 Fukuyama-san doujin. Once again, the translation was provided by Gurumao of Team Vanilla.

In this one, Fukuyama-san meets her younger self… Or is it her little sister? Whoever she is, this mini-Fukuyama (she’s got a real name, but I like using this ^_^) threatens the peace of Fukuyama-san’s and Suzuki-kun’s relationship. Well, not really, but Fukuyama-san really seems to think so. She’s also none too happy about what mini-Fukuyama has claimed as her own… And she, like the title would suggest, erupts (in the figurative sense) and storms off to her home. When Suzuki-kun tracks her down, she offers just one way for him to atone for “cheating” on her with mini-Fukuyama. Inb4 You will never have a girlfriend as awesome as Fukuyama-san. Links are below the threshold.

So a funny thing about this series that Guru and I found… There IS some order to the Fukuyama-san series. We know that now because it turns out this doujin is a direct sequel to Fuetakishi’s C79 doujin, Fukuyama-san 2 – Stripes, which of course we’ll be working on soon. So I’ll have a “suggested” reading order to the series when that comes around. Which brings me to my question. When we release the last untranslated part of the series, would you like me to offer a single DL link for all the parts (from the first chapter of Chu Berozu to now)? You’ve got until Stripes comes out to decide. And it only takes one person to say “Yes” and I’ll gather it all together. That is all. Enjoy the Fukuyama-san goodness.

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9 thoughts on “(C80) [Shoot The Moon (Fuetakishi)] Fukuyama-san 3 – Eruption

  1. Yes! But I’m having a hard time understanding what order this chapter is.

    Mangaupdates states you already released ch.3
    This is also titled chapter 3, but the content in the chapter is different, so it isn’t an update.

    On here: http://www.doujintoshokan.com/series/Chu-Berozu-dj-Shoot-The-Moon

    Should upload it as “Chu Berozu dj – Shoot The Moon 3.5″…?
    I want to understand why the author would release chapter 3 twice under the same doujin series.

    1. When the C79 Shima book is released, I’ll sort the series out in the order I think it’s supposed to be read in. The titles are as you see them. There is no 3.5. If you labeled it as such, it would only lead to more confusion. Their subtitles should be enough of a distinction between the Fukuyama-san doujins. On closer inspection, you’ve got the titles all labeled wrong anyway, so that’s not helping at all.

    2. Afro thanks a lot for this release…if i can share my opinion, a summary of alla chapters would be great, and also a timeline of releases, maybe divided into “publishing timeline” and “story timeline”…

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