(C81) [Imperial Chicken (Fujisaka Kuuki)] Meat’s Tearful Face is Too Irresistible (Uncensored) (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)

The poster girl of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Kashiwazaki Sena aka. Meat.
An appropriate nickname, don’t you think? *Looks at Cover*

Here’s my second C81 doujin. This time, a BokuTomo doujin. As I had predicted some months back while conversing with fellow denizens of the web, C81 is going just like I knew it would. BokuTomo is dominating in terms of amount of doujins for it in this Comiket. The only other series that outproduces it is Touhou, which has a strong showing at every convention. Clearly, I must sit down and watch BokuTomo one of these days…. when my anime backlog isn’t quite so large anymore T_T.

In any case, this was a joint effort between myself, Catharsis from Sharpy Translations who did the translating, and Gurumao from Team Vanilla who assisted with QC.

Like my previous C81 doujin below, this one is short and in full color. But Wait! It’s also UNCENSORED! I’m not responsible for that though. The guy’s name is watermarked throughout the doujin… Luckily, he’s a good guy and doesn’t make it stand out too much. Moving along, Kodaka and Sena end up having sex for unexplained reasons. Really, it’s unexplained, though the reason is implied at the end, I guess… I don’t know. But the artwork is great since this was drawn by Fujisaka Kuuki. Enjoy!

DL Link: Minus

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