(C81) [Kaniya (Kanyapyi)] Kobato-chan Buhihi (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)

Best Imouto Ever? I’ve heard as much at least. She’s definitely cute, that’s for sure~

C83’s moving right along. I’m halfway through my first C83 doujin, so that should show up likely tomorrow. First, though, here’s a BokuTomo doujin from C81 featuring, as the title indicates, Hasegawa Kobato. A pretty simple doujin this time around. Kobato meets a fat guy thanks to anime, he manages to take her to his place, they then get intimate with each other. They continue to get more intimate with each other throughout the doujin. And Kobato is cute~ Kaniya sure does know how to draw cute lolis. That and nice, round asses. Even draws a nice pair of tits when he does them. Pretty much meets all of my criteria to be considered a great artist in my book :3

In any case, there’s a companion piece to this doujin featuring Kashiwazaki Sena that I’ll be doing soon that has a slight connection to this one. This was a joint project between myself and Team Vanilla. The translator was Blurk of Team Vanilla. QC was provided by the folks at Team Vanilla as well.

Anyway, links and gallery below.

DL Link: Sendspace | ExHentai

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