(C81) [Kaniya (Kanyapyi)] Sena-sama Fuhihi (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)


Delicious Meat~

As mentioned over a month ago in the post for the last Kaniya BokuTomo doujin (the one with Kobato in it), this piece has a very slight connection to it. As the cover might indicate, this doujin features Delicious Meat, Kashiwazaki Sena.

In what seems to be classic Sena form, she’s lusting after Kobato. So much so that she’s having a fat guy make a game featuring Kobato. All he asks in return is that she let him satisfy himself with her. But when he promises to make her feel good the next time, will it be because of the chance of being able to finish the game that she shows up, or….

Credits for the translation goes to Blurk of LWB. I handled the editing as usual. And QC was provided by the folks at Team Vanilla as well.

Anyway, links and gallery below.

DL Link: Sendspace | E-Hentai

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