(C81) [Shoot The Moon (Fuetakishi)] Fukuyama-san 4 – The Travel Chapter


DEM TITS! You’d think they were getting bigger just going by the cover, wouldn’t you?

And here we go with Fuetakishi’s most recent entry into the Fukuyama-san series, making this the 6th part to it (Fueta even says so at the end “4th season, 6th episode”). Filled with the same lovey-dovey sex that everyone’s come to expect. Unlike C79 and C80, he only did one Fukuyama-san story for C81. His other C81 doujin is a Bakuman doujin that hasn’t appeared on the net yet. Anyway, if his little afterword is any indication, there’s gonna be more Fukuyama-san to come in the future. I’ll be looking forward to it. I’m sure I won’t be the only one, right? My bet is that it’ll be a naked apron Fukuyama-san next lol.

Credits for the translation goes to Gurumao of Team Vanilla. The same guy who’s responsible for translating the previous three that I’ve edited. Also, he’s making progress on the last C79 doujin for the series too, so it hasn’t been forgotten. It’s just slowly working its way through the system, that’s all. In any case, links and description to follow.

As the title would indicate, in this installment, Fukuyama-san and Suzuki have taken a trip. Their destination: A hot springs inn. Due to Fukuyama-san becoming Suzuki’s “Lady Luck” for a moment, he ends up winning the trip in a lottery. Though Fukuyama doesn’t know it, he has ulterior motives besides just taking a dip in a hot spring (who wouldn’t if Fukuyama-san was there). But his plan gets slightly altered when he finds out, contrary to what the inn’s website had said, that there’s no mixed bathing. In his frustration, he lets his motive slip out along with a slightly harsh remark that leaves Fukuyama feeling a bit dejected. But not to worry, Fukuyama fully understands, so there’s no hard feelings as evidenced when she surprises Suzuki with her sudden, bold appearance.

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    1. I don’t translate, I just edit. In any case, like I mentioned in the post, it’s in the works. There’s a few things I have to do first before getting to it though.

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