(C81) [Takanaedoko (Takanae Kyourin)] Imouto no Otetsudai 2


Have some wincest

Here’s another C81 release featuring some wincest. It’s also Christmas-themed, so that’s a plus. As the title would imply, this is the sequel to Imouto no Otetsudai 1 which was done by Team Vanilla during C80 a few months back. You can grab it from over there.

Again, this was a joint effort between myself and Catharsis from Sharpy Translations who did the translating. Team Vanilla assisted with QC.

In the first part, Nana walked in on her older brother as he was “doing the deed” which eventually ended up with him buttfucking her. Amazing how that works out in doujins… Well, in this second part, it’s Christmas time and the older brother has one wish. He wants to lose his virginity. So being the good little sister she is, Nana goes out and finds a Christmas outfit just for him. Wincest ensues, virginities are lost, and everyone’s happy in the end. Nice and Vanilla~

DL Link: Mega

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