(C82) [Kensoh Ogawa (Fukudahda)] Mojamoja Kyousei Event (Amagami)

And the next C82 project to cross my path is Kensoh Ogawa’s (Fukudahda for non-doujin work) Amagami doujin featuring delicious Sex Hair Tanamachi Kaoru. My first time editing anything by Fukudahda, by the way. Feels good, man. Anyway, this one has a funny scene it. I’m pretty sure there will never be a time when you’ll end up like that though lol.

Translations were provided by Red Vodka of Team Vanilla while I handled the editing as usual. QC was provided by the folks at Team Vanilla as well. Got a few more C82 projects making their way through the system as well, so expect to see those in the next week or so.

Anyway, links and description below.

It’s Kaoru’s 18th birthday, so what does Junichi get her? Definitely not your typical present, that’s for sure. This doujin is separated into three parts: Sex on the side of a road, Sex at school, and Sex in the shower. All with said present attached to Kaoru at all times. Celebratin’ in style~

DL Link: Minus | E-Hentai

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