(C82) [Leaf Party (Nagare Ippon)] LeLe Pappa Vol. 21 – Mugyu Nami (Rinne no Lagrange, Working!!)


Nagare Ippon, My Artist God

Today’s release is a Rinne no Lagrange/WORKING!! doujin both drawn by one of my top favorite artists, Nagare Ippon. This guy could probably draw anything and I would like it unconditionally. Speaking of Nagare Ippon, have you checked out his Boku no Shiranai Kanojo no Kao Book yet? If not, you totally should. It’s filled with Nagare Ippon goodness :3

This time, credits for the translation go to biribiri who I coerced into translating this. And as usual, I handled the editing.

In other news, I have yet to see either Rinne no Lagrange or WORKING!!, so if one does feel inclined, what’s your opinion on both? I mean, I intend to watch them eventually anyway, but it’s always good to hear others’ opinions on things every now and then.

In any case, Links and Description below.

As mentioned, this is a two-part doujin. The first part (Rinne no Lagrange) features Muginami who seems to have found herself in a spot of trouble due to a particular video she recorded of her friend.

The second part (WORKING!!) features Poplar who’s enduring the ‘teasing’ of her coworker, Satou Jun, who proceeded to take his frustrations out on her when he received a video of the girl he likes, Todoroki Yayoi, getting overly friendly with their store manager, Shirafuji Kyouko (She’s a girl, by the way). Now then, the title of this part of the story is aptly called “Popurare”. If you put two and two together, you’ll know where this is going. Nagare Ippon is quite well-known in this genre, after all ^_^

DL Link: Sendspace | E-Hentai

    • imi
    • Oct 17th. 2012 3:00pm


    no thx…

    • Um… That shouldn’t be the case. Try again, please.

      • biribiri
      • Oct 17th. 2012 7:48pm

      Indeed, try again. Or if that persists, confirm you’re not infected by some phishing program.

      • HurpDurp
      • Oct 17th. 2012 8:06pm

      Untick the “Download with sendspace accelerator and get recommended offers” box.

      • Mindflayer
      • Oct 17th. 2012 8:29pm

      Disable the “download with sendspace bla” option, then you proceed to the regular download. Must be a new “feature”.

    • anonymous
    • Oct 18th. 2012 8:41am

    Nagare “Brutal NTR” Ippon… No, thanks.

    The guy certainly has top notch art but… If the story makes you feel like trash, it’s pretty much wasted.

    • darzi
    • Oct 18th. 2012 7:00pm

    anonymous :
    Nagare “Brutal NTR” Ippon… No, thanks.
    The guy certainly has top notch art but… If the story makes you feel like trash, it’s pretty much wasted.

    just think of it like this way: enjoy the art and don’t read it.

    • Lasertym
    • Oct 19th. 2012 12:48am

    Wow… those comments.

    I saw a few chapters of RnL, Muginami Desu~ great character, the only thing good about that anime.. only saw the first season of WORKING! really funny, to have a good time.

    Thanks a lot guys for taking the time for this. Nagare Ippon is one of the greatest, also on my top ^_^

    • DrtyBird
    • Oct 19th. 2012 5:19am

    Thanks for the NI treat!

    As for the anime’s, Rinne is ok. Not what you’d expect from a giant robot anime. Not a good anime to draw ntr doujins due to the lack of relationships.

    Working should be watched asap. I mean it, stop doing whatever you’re doing and watch both seasons.

    • Your advice has been taken to heart. I’ve just started watching the first season of Working, and the 2nd season is downloading. Had to finish up Minami-ke first, though :3

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