(C82) [Nounai Kanojo (Kishiri Toworu)] Crawling Up! Suwako-san (Touhou Project)


Oh Suwako~ You naughty Loli Goddess, you~

So, 5 months later, the next part of Nounai Kanojo’s Touhou series is here. As is plainly obvious by the cover, it’s time for our protag, Nanashi-kun, to split Suwako’s pussy. It won’t come without issue, though. That’s because, if you keep up with your Touhou fandom, Suwako has a grudge against our cute little loli ice fairy, Cirno. And that will be what fuels her actions against Nanashi. It starts out a bit rough, but it gets better.

This here marks the 9th part of the series (though there’s 11 total doujins in it now). We’ve got Moriya Shrine Conspiracy AND Eirin’s Shady New Drug going on in this plot. What else do we need to cover all the “Incident causing” memes? lol. Anyway, at this point, I’m betting on Nanashi having to fuck Flan and Koishi (preferably at the same time), and then fuck the Flan/Koishi-powered Cirno to save the day.

But the real question is, how many more of Gensokyo’s lolis/flat chests will he have to fuck his way through to get to that point? Well, it seems we still have a few more parts to go before we get to that point. So then, who will be next to have sexy times with Nanashi? We’ve got till C83 (possibly) at the end of next month to guess.

Once again, this was a joint effort between Kinsei of UMAD Scans who provided the translation, and myself who took care of the editing. Well then, until the next part~

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So after sexy times with Loli Yukari, Nanashi now finds himself at the Moriya shrine in search of info about Cirno. There, he meets Suwako who is less than thrilled when she hears that Nanashi is looking for Cirno. After hearing about his connection to her, she decides to steal him away from Cirno (She drops the NTR bomb! Egads!) by getting pregnant with his child. All so she can take revenge on Cirno for all the frogs (i.e., her ‘children’) that she’s killed.

And who could possibly be the one stopping them at the end?

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  1. SO Kinsei is still quite working with this. I’ve been looking everywhere for the sequel, especially when UMAD “closed”.

    Thank you very much. Thank you.

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