(C83) [Gyokotsu Kouzou (Kapo)] Bamboo Flowers (Touhou Project)


After another week and a few days, here’s the first release of June. We have a Touhou doujin featuring Akyuu and her two previous predecessors, but the focus is mostly on the predecessors, Anana and Aya, the 7th and 8th generations, respectively. If you know your Touhou, you know all about what makes Akyuu and her lineage special. If you don’t, the doujin covers it.

In any case, we follow one guy (a boy at the time) and his relationship with the 3 generations of the Child of Miare, beginning with the 7th generation, Anana. You may encounter some feelz as this doujin is more about the story, and less about the sex. Actually, there’s only one sex scene, so yea, this is some Plot With Sex, methinks.

This is another entry into the random release pile. The translation was provided by natural-log, who asked me if I wanted to take care of the edit. I guess my answer is pretty obvious, right? If you have a balanced diet of Non-H touhou doujin as well, then that name might look familiar.

Links and Gallery Below.

DL Link: Sendspace | E-Hentai

    • dark_shimoto
    • Jun 5th. 2013 8:04pm

    Sendspace link is having some problems downloading… would you mind reuploading it ….. thanks …… I’ve tried others and they are ok just this one is getting problems ….

    • There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the link. I just tried it myself, and it downloaded just fine without any problems.

      • Kenshin_sama
      • Jun 5th. 2013 10:54pm

      I’m not having issues with this either. Could be a browser problem on your end. Try using JDownloader or some other download manager, should make things a little easier for you.

    • Atori
    • Jun 6th. 2013 4:37am

    Sendspace is working fine for me too.
    Thanks a lot Afro for the release.

    • Ehud
    • Jun 6th. 2013 10:57am

    I hate sad stories. I really do. Why is it always have to be so sad with this mangaka. Many thanx Afro. excellent share.

    • Fern
    • Jun 9th. 2013 12:42pm

    I like this site, but I wish you had a few preview pics so I could decide if I like it or not before I download something.

    • Zepheris
    • Jul 12th. 2013 11:08am

    One of the finer Touhou doujin,

    this goes straight in my archive to be kept

    • Aris Boch
    • Nov 24th. 2013 1:32pm


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