(C83) [JUNK x JUNK (kojou)] The Incident of the Black Shrine Maiden ~Part 1~ (Touhou Project)


Here’s the first of a three-part Touhou story featuring Reimu and a mysterious, dark-skinned doppelganger of her. Well, if you’re familiar with Touhou’s “Forbidden Template”, then you can guess why a there’s a brown Reimu running around. Even easier to guess once you start reading, but ignore that and enjoy brown Reimu dealing with Reimu’s sexual frustration via sensory link :3

Also, I am aware this was done before, but well, yeah… It was decided we could put out a better quality version. So here it is.

Anyway, this and the following two parts were translated by Rinruririn. He was commissioned by qazmlpok, and I took care of the editing at his request again as well. Apologies to him since these got shelved thanks to school business.

In any case, Links and Gallery Below.

DL Link: Sendspace | E-Hentai

    • kwendy
    • Jul 11th. 2014 5:47pm

    Think it was inspirated by Fate/Kaleid liner prism Ilya

    • Probably not since this came before Fate/Kaleid, but not like splitting someone into a black and white half hasn’t been done before. Just adds to the shenanigans~

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