(C83) [MTSP (Jin)] Tachibana-san’s Circumstances With a Man Supplement – 1


The story of a mom and her two daughters, all with huge knockers~

Here’s a quick little C83 entry, courtesy of one Lasertym again who asked me to edit this for him. Not quite the continuation to Jin’s Tachibana-san story that many seem to have been waiting for, but I guess it’s a sign of things to come, as hinted at in the afterword. Much, much more to come. I’ll certainly be looking forward to it. Also, in my book, the NTR hasn’t taken place yet, but I’ll slap the tag on it anyway.

The translator who stepped up to claim Lasertym’s bounty this time was Krymsun. And I took care of the editing as per usual. Lasertym forever making me feel like I’m worth something T_T

In any case, links and description below.

It would probably be a good idea to read the first (main) part of this story first in order to know how the girls ended up in this situation. This short piece is a sort of extra to it. In any case, the Tachibana family continues being used for sex by a group of faceless guys. More hot sex ensues. The only minus I have is that Jin didn’t have time to work in a scene for the hot, big-breasted mom. Shame on you, Jin!

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22 thoughts on “(C83) [MTSP (Jin)] Tachibana-san’s Circumstances With a Man Supplement – 1

  1. Actually the NTR did happen…this scene is after they put and do the girls. Then they ask them if they want to carry it on and if they do they have to go to another room prepared for them and they will be taping them with cameras in their swimsuits.

    This wasn’t included in the second issue of it but showed the scene. This is the video I guess. All the girls got impregnated and their mother knew a clinic where they could get an abort without others knowing. The main char says in the end that the guys got thrown in jail but he knows he will get the video some day. I just hope it starts with the video and then the guy gets angry and start making them his sluts or something. Making them all feel guilty while doing them and making them his bitches…or getting other girls in front of them.

    Now that would be interesting, heh.

  2. The women know that the rapists will not let them go even if they plead for it. Also they threatened to rape the boy they love. The women decide to fight back. They allow themselves to be ravaged and taped so that it will be use as evidence of rape. The rapists also do not use any protection and forcefully ejaculate into their womb. If the women do become pregnant as a result, it will be another solid evidence of rape. That’s is perhaps the main reason they do not have sex with their lover. Those rapists never expect that the very film they are making will be their downfall.

    1. They were drugged up and didn’t even have the will to resist. Also even after the rapists were put into jail they didn’t sleep with him anymore.

      If anything I am willing to bet that when they got the taste of bigger dicks they realized that the MC dick wouldn’t satisfy them anymore. Personally I hope when he finds out the truth he comes home to question them only to find out the rapists got out and came back to screw his women.

      To make it even better they tell the main male that he will have to watch the scene until they finish, and then finally at the end the rapists after mindbreaking the woman have them dump him. Oh yeah that would be great ^_^

    2. They still love him and only give him oral sex and that is before the rapists got arrested. The reason that they do not have sex with him because they want to know the paternity of their unborn children if they do become pregnant. If they have sex with him, they will be in a dilema whether they should go for an abortion as there is a possibility that he is the biological father of their unborn children. With the video and their pregnacy as solid evidence of rape, the rapists will spend many years in prison. As for the women, they felt they has been dirtied and deemed unworthy to be the MC’s lovers.

    3. I wish more things would follow the example of “When you let go of your hand”. Just because something starts or goes into NTR, doesn’t mean it has to end there.

      There was another one whose name I forgot. A girl treats a boy that likes her like dirt while sleeping with him(it’s not clear if it’s a relationship that he puts up with bad treatment in, they each might have different views on it). Sleeps with two other boys that treat her even worst and comes to realize that she shouldn’t do that as well.

      Also, even if it isn’t getting the girl back, not thinking about what the character CAN do is really annoying. Like when it’s a teacher and you can easily report them(maybe even send them to jail). Or when they send you vidoes and you can easily spread them out even to those people’s parents along with their name and number ect.

      though I do detect a retcon here. At the end of the second with the rape, one of them, the mother I think said that the alcohol and drugs were out of the system so it seemed to imply they did it out of their own shitty volition. Here there’s a threat, though it only covered up until they switched to swimsuits.

      Also I remember a report about the best sex a person ever had and most of the time it wasn’t with the person they’re with and ended up marrying so I don’t get why they’d dump the guy. The mother had previous experience and still enjoyed being with him. And his skills must be improving at twice the normal rate plus he has the guidance of an experienced woman too.

      So yeah with the guys in jail I hope the continuation is that they they get over it eventually somehow.

      I don’t know about them not sleeping with him. It might have been because they wanted to make sure if they were pregnant or not(though it happening in one day is low and more people doing it actually works against it).

      They could have started doing it again as soon as they were pregnant or with condoms, or they could have gotten day after contraceptives. It could be a sense of guilt too. Though they weren’t very resistant before so that might mean they like him less but I can’t imagine why.

  3. Meh. I love Jins art, but this is just a rehash of a story already told. If he is gonna do more with these characters at least give us some more plot development. Plus I’d rather see him write a sequel to Sakiko-san’s Man Issues. That one ended with the dude finding out and ready to rage.

    1. crap, i was doing some digging, and apparently this is just a shortened version of a planned sequel that’s going to be at least 40-50 pages long, but its going to be released at C84… what is c84 by the way?

    2. C84 = Comic Market 84. An annual convention held twice a year where doujin work, among a bunch of other stuff, gets released.

      Googling “Comiket” or “Comic Market” will likely yield more info if you’re interested in learning more about it.

    3. thank you very much, and now that googled it…. man… its till august the next Comiket…. crap, still, thank you very much for your assistance =)

  4. hello guys when Tachibana-san’s Circumstances With a Man Supplement – 2 will out ???? actaully this doujin in perfect

  5. Whoever can fap to this is sick in his/her head, I mean would you rather fap to them being raped or would you fuck them yourselves. With the Pill and many other methods that ARE available today, you wouldn’t even have to worry about a pregnancy. Both my girlfriends had sex with me for over 18 months and they just used the pill and never got pregnant…

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