(C83) [Nanakorobi Yaoki (kinntarou)] Delicious Head Maid (Touhou Project)


Delicious Head Maid, Indeed~

As promised Here, here’s the second doujin by kinntarou that was commissioned by qazmlpok. Personally, I liked this one better cuz Meiling and Sakuya are hawt :3

Rinruririn was the one who translated again, and I took care of the editing at the request qazmlpok. Also, Rinruririn takes translation commissions, so if you’d like to consider him, you can contact him at rinruritrans[at]gmail.com for further details/info.

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In any case, the story this time is quite silly. While lounging around in Patchouli’s room, a bored Remilia spots a mysterious drink. Patchouli informs her that it’s a by-product of her love potion research, and that anyone who drinks it becomes slave to their desires. Oh, what a mistake that was, telling Remi about that!

Sexy shenanigans then ensue when Meiling winds up drinking it by mistake. With her lust amplified by a ton, Sakuya becomes an outlet for her desire when she catches Meiling feeling herself up. An angry Remilia shows up equipped to take back her Delicious Maid while leaving Koakuma to discipline Meiling. More Futa fun ensues.

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