(C83) [Soronosanchi (Sorono, sws)] Netsubyou 2 (Touhou Project)


Here’s a Touhou doujin featuring Kurodani Yamame and her lover. If this doujin looks familiar, you’d be right as it was translated by desudesu a while back. But since the Team V translator had a script for it prepared before then, I decided not to let his effort go to waste and edited it, so if you liked it the first time, enjoy it a second time courtesy of Team Vanilla and myself ^_^

This is a simple, uncomplicated doujin. Yamame and her lover are about to get down to some lovey-dovey sex when he decides to change things up a little. He wants to fuck Yamame’s delicious butt~

Wrathkal of Team Vanilla was the aforementioned translator who provided the translation while I handled the editing. QC was provided by the Team Vanilla folks as well.

Links and gallery below.

DL Link: Sendspace | E-Hentai

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