(C83) [Subachikyu! (Subachi)] Delicious Peach Rape 2 (Touhou Project)

DPR2 001Delicious Flat Chest Hinanawi Tenshi plays the part of Delicious Peach~

Here’s pesu and Ean again delivering another Touhou doujin, from C83 this time around, for all to enjoy. This time, featuring a Futanari Nagae Iku going to town on a Deliciously Flat-Chested, slightly unwilling, but submissive Hinanawi Tenshi. There is a first part, but pesu decided that it wasn’t worth doing, so there’s no intentions of getting it done unless he suddenly changes his mind.

As per usual, pesu handled the translation, and Ean handled the editing. All I did was offer input on the QC side of things (the easy stuff).

I’m short on time, so no Description (for now, at least), but Links are available. Title is a lie too.

DL Link: DepositFiles | ExHentai

    • Anon E. Mouse
    • Feb 7th. 2013 1:24pm

    I don’t even know what this is about and I already want it.

    • Lights
    • Dec 9th. 2015 11:32pm

    Is there any part one?

    • Yes, there is.

        • Lights
        • Dec 12th. 2015 5:10am

        Can I have it please
        Maybe the download link, I wanted the part one every where and I don’t get it (T_T)

        • It’s not translated or anything.

            • Lights
            • Dec 13th. 2015 4:01am

            I don’t get any source to download (T_T)

    • Lights
    • Dec 13th. 2015 4:14am

    Lights :
    I don’t get any source to download (T_T)

    Yes, you can say that too

    • Lights
    • Dec 13th. 2015 10:50pm

    Afro Thunda :
    It’s not translated or anything.

    Can I make that request for Delicious Peach Rape part one?

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