(C84) [Shoot The Moon (Fuetakishi)] Fukuyama-san 7 – Cream on the Strawberry (Original)


Well, it’s been a while since the last Fukuyama-san story came through the Gates of Afro. The last one I did was the 4th story, The Travel Chapter, and now here we are at the 7th. Gurumao, the one who TL’d the previous parts for me, returned from IRL duties (hence why 5 and 6 weren’t done by us) to bring us the 7th part. Feels good to be doing another Fukuyama-san~

As mentioned before, credit for the translation goes to Gurumao of Team Vanilla. I got a helping hand from Psyburn21 as he took care of the cleaning, and I handled the typesetting. QC was handled by the good folks at Team V. We’re aware that we were beaten to it, but this was something Gurumao and I really wanted to do, so not all that concerned about being second. So do enjoy our version as well if it’s your second (or nth) reading~

In other news, next up from is Fuetakishi’s second C84 doujin. A delicious Dark Elf doujin:


Gurumao has already begun the translation process, so should expect that in due time. In any case, links and description below.

It’s Suzuki’s birthday, but he’s completely forgotten about such an important day for himself. But fear not, though, #1 girlfriend in the world Fukuyama-san will help remind him in a very special way~

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