(C84) [Shoot The Moon (Fuetakishi)] One-Man Mercenary Army (Original)


And following up with Fukuyama-san 7 as promised, here’s Fuetakishi’s second c84 entry. As the cover would suggest, we’ve got delicious Dark Elf in this. There’s a possibility that if he decides to end the Fukuyama-san series soon, he may continue with this story. Not to mention he teases with a possible sequel to this at the end. Only time will tell, thought, with regard to what Fueta will do.

In any case, credit for the translation goes to Gurumao of Team Vanilla once again, and I handled the editing. QC was handled by the good folks at Team V. That said, links and description below.

We meet Gren. He is a mercenary in a guild. The only person in his guild so far. He has just rescued Cecily and has returned her back to her village. Now, since he’s a mercenary, he’s got to get paid. When the village can’t pay him the ridiculous sum he asks for, he settles for a few things: Food, drink, and… Women.

Of course women! When the time comes, to Gren’s disappointment, it’s Cecily that shows up. He wants her to switch out with another woman, but after she downs a few cups of booze and crits him with her life story, Gren finds it hard to turn her away.

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