(C84) [Yami ni Ugomeku (Dokurosan)] Mistress Ayase Killed the Fat Pig + Paper (Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai)


It’s been a while since I last did something with LWB. I need to stop being a stranger over there.

Anyway, do not adjust your monitors. That is indeed a transparent turd you see Ayase shitting out on the cover. As expected of Yami ni Ugomeku. That should be a clear indication of the kinds of fetishes you’ll find in this doujin. Well, if you’re already familiar with Yami ni Ugomeku’s work, then you probably wouldn’t have expected any less.

Anyway, we have another OreImo doujin (The last one I did here) featuring the cover girl above and Kyousuke. Ayase decides she needs to take care of each and every one of his ‘needs’ to help him better concentrate on studying when she does a browser history check and finds out Kyousuke has been searching for all manner of debauched pics/vids of her. “I would have done all this if you had just asked”. And so, their tale of lewdness begins from there.

Translation was provided by Dark Mac of Little White Butterflies while I handled the editing. QC was provided by the guys over at LWB as well.

Anyway, link and gallery below.

DL Link: Sendspace | ExHentai

16 thoughts on “(C84) [Yami ni Ugomeku (Dokurosan)] Mistress Ayase Killed the Fat Pig + Paper (Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai)

    1. i mean after manga release from mangaka, why you take long time to posting scan, is buy the book and scan is difficult?

    2. Oh. Well, I’m not a scanner, so me posting a scan of it is never going to happen. I’m not sure why you assumed I would be buying and scanning it.

    1. Those are weekly manga, and groups pay subscriptions to get the magazines those appear in (Weekly Shonen Jump, for example) and have dedicated scanners for them. So release time is usually pretty quick for them.

  1. btw, is another manga or doujin with great art like mtsp, izoyoi seishin, oda non, and tohru nishimaki? they can draw a adult body caracter, not like this manga, this girl like a child and bad body..

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