(C85) [Hakuginmokusei (Poshi)] Fresh Cream Alice (Touhou Project)

Fresh Cream Alice 01

Here’s the second of now three Alice-centric Touhou doujins brought to you by Pesu and Ean. Was just two before, but they delivered a third just recently. Unlike the previously released doujin featuring her, this time she’s the one doing the fucking as she comes equipped with a dick. While in Patchouli’s library looking for some fap material, Remilia happens upon her and mistakes her boner for a magic spell. One thing leads to another, and Alice is “testing” her magic on an unassuming Remilia. Then later, she’s at it again with a drunk Reimu.

As per usual, pesu handled the translation, and Ean handled the editing. I helped out by providing the QC. The third Alice doujin probably sooner or later. In other news, I’ll be helping pesu as an editor for an upcoming Touhou doujin featuring Letty Whiterock.

Links and Gallery Below.

DL Link: DepositFiles | E-Hentai

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