(C85) [ROJIURA JACK (Jun)] Hana x Hana (Prison School)


Took much longer than intended to get this doujin done (I took a week off for no reason too), but I sure hope the time I took attempting to make it look good is worth it for you all. On the plate today is a Prison School doujin by Rojiura Jack (a.k.a. Jun) featuring Midorikawa Hana. It’s a simple situation here. She wants to get back at Kiyoshi by showing him that kissing means nothing to her. Somehow, it leads to her getting buttfucked. She seems to be a girl who doesn’t have much in the luck department.

And poor Jun. The reason he’s been scarce for what seems like forever? He’s been suffering a severe writer’s block T_T (see the afterword). I hope he can manage to get over that eventually cuz I sure do love the thick women with the big tits he likes to draw~ He should totally do a brown girl story eventually. Yes, this would please me greatly :3

The translation was handled by KirbyDances of LWB. I took care of the editing, of course. QC was handled by the good folks at LWB.

Anyway, links and gallery below.

DL Link: Sendspace | E-Hentai

6 thoughts on “(C85) [ROJIURA JACK (Jun)] Hana x Hana (Prison School)

  1. I had been wondering why I hadn’t seen anything new from Jun for a while now, and he answered everything in his afterword. Seems like he’s having a tough time, and maybe being too hard on himself. Writer’s block is awful for people in a creative profession, but he can get out of it if he just draws and draws and draws.

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