(C92) [COOL BRAIN (Kitani Sai)] Give Me an Enema

And another release for August. This time, COOL BRAIN/Kitani Sai’s most recent doujin released at C92. Warning: There is “chocolate”, if ya know what I mean. So if that’s not really your thing, I suggest moving on to something else. But if it is, you’re in luck. I’m planning to do more 😀

In any case, we have a housewife dealing with her frustrations by giving herself enemas. Unbeknownst to her, she’s spotted relieving herself by the boy next door. And so begins their relationship.

I quite like Kitani Sai’s artwork, namely because this guy is a master of drawing asses. I do love me a good ass. I’m hoping to get to more Kitani Sai stuff in the future.

Changing things up a little bit, the translation this time around was handled by myself, as was the editing. My power level has increased while I’ve been away 😀

Anyway, links below.

DL Link: MEGA | E-Hentai

6 thoughts on “(C92) [COOL BRAIN (Kitani Sai)] Give Me an Enema

  1. Hey this was unexpectedly great. I do agree, Kitani Sai’s work needs more love from translators. Any idea on when the next chapter comes out in Japan?

    1. Wow that was a fast reply, thanks for the info, looking forward to it! Great job on this one btw, forgot to say thanks for translating the chapter in my previous comment, how unbecoming of me.

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