(COMIC1☆6) [BLACK DOG (Kuromoinu no Kemono)] Asama-sama Is Being Shot (Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon)

Here’s another entry in the string of random doujins, Black Dog’s latest doujin from COMIC1☆6, a Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon doujin. Kind of a funny doujin seeing how the main girl (above) is reading doujins of herself. Yo dawg? Also, there’s a second, unrelated part as well. I need to watch the anime one of these days. I was told it was pretty decent.

In any case, the translation was sponsored by Dynellen by way of the E-H bounty system, and said translation was provided by Rookie84. I’m aware of another version having gone up a couple days ago (Found Here), but since I was asked to do the editing and got the script over a week ago, it seemed like a waste to scrap their efforts. For the record, I would have continued anyway, after all, between me and you all (the visitors), I think I did the better job… But that’s just me. You all can be the judge of that. Anyhoos, description and links below.

In the first part, after hearing that she wanted to see how doujinshis treated Shrine Maidens, Asama’s friends send her a bunch of doujins on the subject. All of them conspicuously featuring her for some reason… Naughty things ensue. The second part has Tadakatsu getting it on with his maid (android?), Kazuno.

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