(COMIC1☆6) [Type-G (Ishigaki Takashi)] Ore to Nanoha to One Room (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)

Dat Mothafuckin’ Nanoha Ass!

Well then, as you can see, this is the unlisted doujin I had been working on. A doujin featuring Takamachi Nanoha’s amazing ass. Given the content, my Ass Lover heart couldn’t bear to pass this one up. Apparently, this is a sequel to another doujin. I have no clue if it’s been translated or not, though. And looks like there will be a continuation as well.

In any case, with this release, it marks the end of my college semester. Now I can get back to what really matters (lol). I’ll be trying to pick up the pace on editing now… at least until it’s time to go on vacation ^_^.

As this was a joint project between myself and Team vanilla, credits go to Wrathkal of Team Vanilla for the translation. Link and description below

There’s a quick synopsis of the doujin that precedes this one at the beginning, but in a nutshell: Fate’s married to some guy (who represents us, the viewers aka. insert your name), and everything is good and fine except for one thing: he has a major ass fetish.

Fast forward to this doujin. Nanoha’s come to visit Fate and her husband, and drink a little bit. Fate gets a little too drunk though and starts blurting out things, including one classic line…
and promptly passes out. Fate may not think it’s so great (though she doesn’t hate it), but Nanoha is quite the opposite and wastes no time making it known to the husband, who she’s found out through Fate, is a hopeless ass addict. The White Devil springs the trap that no man could ever hope to avoid:

Dat Fuckin’ Ass!!!

DL Link: Minus

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