(CT20) [PARANOIA CAT (Fujiwara Shunichi)] Touhou Ukiyo Emaki Devil’s Cafe (Touhou Project)

Devil's Cafe 001

You don’t get just one Koakuma in Devil’s Cafe, you get many!

Here’s another one from pesu and Ean. This makes two releases in a row on my site for them. I should totally stop slacking off. Well, I’ve updated my list on the right finally, so expect those eventually. The last chapter of the first volume of World Is Mine is already underway.

Anyway, in this this Touhou doujin, Patchouli gives managing a business a try and, with the help of a group of Koakumas she brought in (they’re all unique), ends up helping a guy and his sister’s business prosper during an economic crisis. While that’s all well and good, her method of doing so is quite… questionable. Great if you’re a guy, but questionable nonetheless. Perhaps she forgot it was supposed to be a regular cafe somewhere down the line.

As per usual, pesu handled the translation, and Ean handled the editing. And this time, I also helped out with the editing by doing a few redraws as well as provided QC.

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