[Dr.P] Bokunchi no Mikage-san Ch. 1 (My Mikage-san)

Mikage-san 000a

Suddenly, Ninja Girl Ass!

Here’s the start of the aforementioned book that I said I’d be doing with YQII, Dr.P’s newest tank. I, for one, am glad to be working on this book with YQII seeing as 1.) I like big butts (and I cannot lie), and 2.) Dr.P likes drawing big butts. And for that reason, I’ve been a fan of Dr.P since the day YQII translated his very first book. I sure hope you all enjoy this book featuring nice, shapely asses. Oh, and it contains a heaping helping of Vanilla lovin’ too. All pluses in my book

In any case, as mentioned, YQII was responsible for handling the translation, while I took on the editing. Here’s a nice little synopsis by YQII of what to expect from this book, though if you’ve read his previous 3 books, you already know.

It feels like the different chapters are more closely connected compared to other books, with the titular ninja Mikage being the driving force behind a lot of the development. Much like in previous books, we’re dealing with childhood friends, senpai-kohai relations, etc., and they all could use a helping hand. Be it breast-enhancing lotions, date-rape drugs, or kidnapping, nothing’s off-limits when used in the name of love!


Anyway, links and description below.

So, rescue a ninja, and she becomes your faithful servant for life. That’s the situation Ikumi’s been living in for a few years now with Mikage. So one day, when his friend gets curious to know if she does “Yotogi” (explained in the chapter) for him, Ikumi has no clue what he means. So later that night, he asks Mikage if she knows. She does, but there’s just one tiny fact that can’t be overlooked… Also, did Dr.P plug in an Internet Meme? If you know your memes, you’ll see it. If not, no worries!

DL Link: Chapter 1

About the situation with Minus, this was the response from Minus given when SaHa asked what the deal with rar/zip files being refused was: “We have disabled uploading of non-media type for Minus right now. We may enable it again in the near future but it won’t be free option. For your old uploads they will remain.”

So yea, Minus is shit now. So I will probably be falling back on DepositFiles and a mirror upload site soon. Alternatives are welcome.

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  1. and yeah, I saw what happened with minus there. so I’ll suggest to use Tishare, or Brontofile like Tada uses now. Turbobit or Rapidgator is also welcome. I wouldn’t want to use mirrors, most (if not all) of them are crap.

  2. Hi, hisashiburi!
    I completely agree with you about Dr.P and the big butts. Honestly, I love big butts xD
    Thanks a lot for this, and congratulations for the site!

    About Minus, maybe Zippyshare or Nutfile. No waiting time and parallel downloads.

    Best Regards.

    1. The only real downside is that he doesn’t do more with said big butts. If I had it my way, there would be tons more ass worshiping in my Dr.P H-manga!

      And I’ll take a look at those sites and see what they have to offer.

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