[Dr.P] Momoiro Daydream Ch. 1 (Night Street Prince)

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After a very long wait for a scan of this book to appear, YQII and I bring you the first chapter of Dr.P’s newest H-manga, Momoiro Daydream. The book was officially released back in July 2013, but the scan didn’t appear until a few days ago. Seems to be a running pattern with Dr.P books lol.

Anyway, Dr.P takes a step away from his usual staple of stories centered around high schools and focuses on slightly older couples. This time around, the average age of our characters is around your typical university student or older. Guess the age shift is a product of him going through a new publisher. But it’s still the same old Dr.P that you’ve come to love: cute stories, cute women, and big asses. The downside: the new publisher specializes in whiteout censorship. So no naughty bits below the waste this time around.

As per usual, the translation was handled by YQII, and I took care of the editing. Worth noting is that Akino Sora’s Maihime book will likely go on a temporary hiatus after the 3rd chapter is released to focus on Dr.P. We’ll come back to it eventually, of course, but since the release rate has been slow (all my fault), and that there’s a complete version out already, we figured we’d focus our efforts elsewhere for the time being.

Anyway, links and description below.

In the first chapter, we have Ryousuke and Momoko, a university student and a woman working at a flower shop. They normally only exchange greetings with each other until a certain incident changes their relationship and brings them closer. After staying a little too late after cooking a meal for Ryousuke, he walks a slightly tipsy Momoko home when she suddenly decides to take a ‘shortcut’, and that’s where they become even closer than they were before.

DL Link: Chapter 1 | E-Hentai

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