[Dr.P] Momoiro Daydream Ch. 5 (Intoxicating Plum)

Momoiro Daydream 083

Hello there, people. It’s been another long break between releases again. 4 months since the last Momoiro Daydream chapter by my count too… Not a great rate of release, huh? Well, I haven’t had a consistent release rate all year, so that probably isn’t so surprising. Well, stuff is still trickling through the pipes here. Still working on that Touhou doujin too. Slow-going indeed~

Anyway, here’s chapter 5 of Momoiro Daydream. As per usual, this chapter features another couple, Umeko and Masafumi, two childhood friends. It’s a pretty cute chapter. You’ll never have a girl drink all her would-be suitors under the table in drinking contests as she waits for you to come back to your hometown, challenge her to a drinking contest, win, and become a couple. Such is the case here with Umeko and Masafumi.

As per usual, the translation was handled by YQII, and I took care of the editing.

In other news, I’ve got plenty of editing to catch up on since I’ve slacked off for nearly 3 months of time, so hopefully I can start breathing some life into my site again soon. Here’s hoping~

Anyway, links below.

DL Link: Chapter 5 | E-Hentai

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