[Dr.P] Momoiro Daydream Ch. 9-10 (Steam Relation)

Hello there, people. Here’s the long-awaited final chapters of Momoiro Daydream. That makes another Dr.P manga completed with YQII. Bless his patience.

We have a teacher-student relationship this time around. A college professor invites her pupil to a hot spring since he has nothing better to do for a graduation trip. Ends up with a nice surprise at the end. Chapter 10 is a set of 4-koma featuring a few of the characters from the previous chapters.

As per usual, the translation was handled by YQII, and I took care of the editing.

It’s about time for some house cleaning around the site. I’ll be replacing dead links throughout the week. I think like all of the Sendspace ones are dead. Laziness, man… The struggle is real.

Anyway, links below.

DL Link: Chapter 9-10 | Complete Tankoubon | E-Hentai

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