(SC49) [Gachinko Shobou (Kobanya Koban)] As I Thought, Sakiko-san is Sexy


Here’s something that people might remember. But don’t get your hopes up, it’s no continuation to the actual doujin story, and it’s really short. Basically, Kobanya Koban liked MTSP’s/Jin’s Sakiko-san story so much that he decided to draw a small doujin of it at the end of his F/SN Rider doujin. So it’s a doujin of a doujin… Doujinception?

Ignoring the lame joke, this is yet another random release sponsored by Lasertym via E-H’s Bounty System. The translator who came forth to claim the bounty with his translation was KirbyDances of E-H’s EHCove. And once again, Lasertym asked if I would handle the editing, so I did. Lasertym continues to make me feel like I’m worth something T_T I’ll also be working on another request of his eventually.

Also worth noting is that, as mentioned, this Sakiko-san doujin comes at the end of Kobanya’s much longer F/SN Rider doujin (which can be viewed at Here). I wasn’t asked to edit that part, nor was there a script for it in the first place, so that’s not included. Second is that this release has two LQ pages. Since the doujin didn’t have those two pages, I had to cherry pick them off of Kobanya’s Pixiv page. The first page is just a cover, so no big deal. The other page, though… The text may be a bit difficult to read, needless to say, because of the size of the page.

Anyway, links and description below.

As mentioned, this is Kobanya’s tiny Sakiko-san doujin. No NTR to be found here, though she is in the process of being NTR’d. But she’s not at that point here in these 4 pages.

DL Link: Mega | E-Hentai

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